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Degree Completion in Liberal Arts

About Liberal Arts
The liberal arts include a broad range of subjects such as language, music, anthropology, history, psychology, sociology, gender studies, political science, mathematics, economics, education, literature and religion. A degree in the field of liberal arts can be applied in virtually every field, from law enforcement to business administration. During the current economic depression, while many graduates are struggling to find jobs, liberal arts majors are easily finding work. Liberal arts graduates hold tremendous value for employers, since their problem solving skills and abilities to work in a team are greatly enhanced by their education.

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About the Degree
Most liberal arts degrees are offered online in addition to being offered on-campus, making them extremely attractive for people holding full time jobs, or raising a family. The two-year long Associate's degree in Liberal Arts is ideal for entry level positions such as interpreters, translators and sales associates. The more rigorous four-year long Bachelor of Arts degree includes a number of general courses in humanities, in addition to having specialization courses such as communication studies, literature and psychology. Two-year long Master's degrees in the liberal arts are also offered, with graduates finding work at mid-level managerial and executive positions.

Career Prospects
All over the world, the focus on liberal arts is increasing once more, and all kinds of businesses are hiring liberal arts graduates by the dozen. Employment opportunities are on the rise, and expected to continue this upward trend through the next decade. Within the United States, most graduates enter government service or start work in the fields of banking, education or law. Average wages for entry level positions stand at $40,000 per year, with highly experienced professionals making over $100,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is a Degree Completion in Liberal Arts designed for?

A:A degree completion program in liberal arts is designed for working individuals with incomplete college degrees. It offers a career oriented approach towards and emphasizes professional educational. A degree completion program offers a non traditional curriculum and schedule for working individuals. Students enrolled in Degree Completion In Liberal Arts program develop various concepts in communication, arts, literature, science, philosophy, and other general subjects.

Q:What are some of the benefits of BS completion program liberal arts?

A:The BS completion program that has a focus on liberal arts has been designed to give those nursing students that have completed the RN program to develop an interdisciplinary approach towards both the areas. The faculty that is involved in such a program has backgrounds in math/science and humanities as well as nursing.

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