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MBA in Liberal Arts

An MBA in Liberal Arts is a business administration program especially tailored for individuals with an undergraduate degree in a non-business subject. The MBA in Liberal Arts program usually requires 15 months of full time study for completion. Some of the subjects covered in the program are as follows:

·  Economics for Managers

·  Business & Strategic Communication

·  Financial Management

·  Marketing & Product Development

·  Financial Reporting & Analysis

·  Legal & Ethical Issues for the Entrepreneur

A person with an MBA in Liberal Arts is well-versed in liberal arts subjects such as history, psychology, sociology, ethics, etc. and is better able to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Such qualities are highly-demanded in today’s global and multicultural business organizations.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are covered when pursuing Liberal Arts MBA?

A:The Liberal Arts MBA covers a number of courses that are designed to help students understand the subject thoroughly. Students pursuing Liberal Arts MBA will be required to attempt Business Communications, Economics for Managers, Human Environment of Organization, Financial Management, Promotional Strategies and Strategic Communications. It is advised that the above mentioned are just some of the courses included in this qualification.

Q:what do I need to get enrolled in the mba in liberal arts?

A:To get enrolled in the Mba In Liberal Arts degree program, students must have completed their undergraduate program in a related field of education. They will also be required to have some level of work experience and two letters of recommendations. Our website lists some of the best schools offering the MBA in liberal arts. Interested candidates can select their institute and get enrolled right away.

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