Careers in Video Game Design

If you are a gaming fan and are looking for a creative job then you may want to pursue a career in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Nowadays there are more and more people are buying gaming consoles such as the PlayStation, Wii, PSP, Xbox and Nintendo DS among others. Games for PCs and smart-phones are also very popular among people of all ages. Consequently the demand for individuals who have formal training in video game design, animation, programming and digital media is also increasing.

Roles for Video Game Design Professionals
By acquiring a video game design degree, you can find a career in an industry that is both cutting-edge and creative. Video game creation involves a number of processes which include conceiving, designing, developing, programming and testing. Video game design program graduates can find roles in any of these areas as well as in others such as in character animation, and set and scenes designing. Other roles open to those looking for a career in the video game business lie in character drawing, storyboarding, texture mapping and game level designing. Careers in video game design can lead to specialization in any one of these particular positions:

  • Character artist
  • Character animator
  • Video game designer
  • Game level designer
  • Concept artist
  • Modeler
  • Texture artist

Video game design professionals, with training and experience can reach top positions such as technical and creative director.

Work Environments for Video Game Designers
Careers in video game design are available in a variety of companies. The average salary range for a video game design expert is between 40,000 – 50,000 US dollars. As you acquire work experience you can expect salaries of up to 90,000 US dollars. Some of the places where someone with a video game design degree could find a job are:
  • Established gaming companies
  • Startup gaming companies
  • Web and software design companies
  • Electronic media companies
  • Print media companies
  • Gaming magazines

Video Game Design Degrees and Programs
Video game design degrees can be found at all levels of education depending on your personal requirements. Short duration certificate programs, 2 year Associate degrees and 4 year Bachelor degrees can be chosen from. Graduate level programs in video game design are also available for those wishing to specialize further. Some related video game design degrees are:
  • Associate in Video Game Design and Development
  • Bachelor in Game Art and Design
  • Bachelor in Game Design and Development
  • Master of Science in Game Design

A video game design degree covers all the aspects related to developing a video game from scratch. A student of such a degree would learn of game theory, game design, animation, programming and how to use gaming tools and technologies. Also taught are courses related to modeling, algorithms, computer graphics, digital media, multimedia, 3D animation and more. Game design strategies and production are also part of a video game design degree’s curriculum.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where do game designers work?

A:Video Game Designers can work in various web and software designing companies, gaming magazines , video game corporations, electronic media organizations, print media companies, online gaming firms, other digital or multimedia firms, and any graphic media related organization.

Q:Name top schools that offer 3d game designing training programs?

A:Some of the highest ranked schools that offer 3d game designing training programs are: the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, Digipen Institute of Technology, the Arts Institutes, Madison Media Institute, Animation Mentor, DePaul University, University of Utah Arts and Engineering Master Games Studio, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Southern New Hampshire University.

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