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Associate in Video Game Design

If you are creative and a fan of video games, then pursuing a career in video game design may be perfect for you. The increasing popularity of the gaming industry means that there are a multitude of job opportunities for video game designers and developers. You can channel your passion for video games into a successful career in an exciting and fast growing field.

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Program Structure and Coursework
An Associate of video game design degree can teach you the basics of designing and developing a video game. You will learn about art and design, as well as how to use various software tools, during the two year Associate program. Programming in languages such as Java and C++ will also be covered during the course of these programs. Animation and graphic design are part of an Associate of video game design program curriculum as well. Courses offered during the program include storyboarding, game modeling, game animation and concept design, among other subjects. Along with learning how to create games from scratch, students also learn how to market video games.

Careers in Video Game Design
With an Associate of video game design, you can make a career for yourself as a video game designer, concept artist or tester. You can also become a software programmer. Other roles in which game designers can work are character drawing, game level designing and texture mapping. Video game designers can earn between 40,000 and 50,000 US dollars on average.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are studied in associates in gaming design degree program?

A:The associate in gaming design degree program is a 2 year pre bachelor program. It provides introductory and basic knowledge of gaming design. The courses studied throughout the degree program include: animation, motion graphics, design principles, 3d studies, art direction, gem play, character design, history of visual communication, compositing and special effects.

Q:What is the program structure of an associates degree in video game design?

A:An associate degree in video game designing is a short undergraduate program. The coursework can be divided up into theoretical components and practice-based subjects. Students enrolled in this program develop a strong understanding of game designing techniques, and also learn how to practically implement these techniques. The program is offered at campus based schools and online schools.

Q:As I was reading about associate in game design in jjc. I came across the course contents. Can you tell me more about this?

A:A degree in game design will teach you about the fundamentals about video game development. You will cover a wide range of subjects such as programming, technology, game design fundamentals, drawing, raster imaging, game production, illustration, social science, and more. The curriculum will however depend upon the level of degree and which institute you plan to enroll in.

Q:Do you have information on associates degree video gaming schools?

A:Video gaming is emerging as a dynamic field that is attracting many young people. There are full-fledge degree programs offered in various aspects of gaming. Associates degree in video gaming is the fundamental degree that can prepare you for entry level jobs in the field. It typically lasts for two years.

Q:What level of jobs can I be eligible for with an associates degree in game design?

A:An associate degree in game design will equip you with fundamental knowledge and skills. You can seek entry level jobs in the gaming industry and work at assistant level. If you wish to pursue more high paying jobs at managerial level, you will need to have a bachelor degree at least. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:What program can I enroll in after an associates in video game design?

A:An associate degree in video game design is an undergraduate program. You can seek entry level jobs in the industry with this qualification. On the other hand, if you are planning to enhance your qualifications, you can further pursue a bachelor degree in video game design. This program will qualify you for managerial level jobs.

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