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Associate in General Arts

The associate in general arts is a 2-year interdisciplinary program that instructs student in a variety of subjects including communications, humanities, mathematics and social sciences. A number of traditional and online schools offer this degree program which awards students with an associate of arts degree. Students may have their credits transferred into a baccalaureate program at a 4-year college program. With the help of this qualification, graduates may be able to pursue a number of fields.

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Program Curriculum
An associate degree in general arts provides students with a well-rounded education in areas such as communication, social science and more. In addition to the core courses, students can also take electives such as social work, business administration or human psychology. Some of the courses students can pursue are mathematics, IT, writing, literature and social sciences. Classes are also available in oral and interpersonal communication, technical developmental, creative writing, American literature, philosophy, art history and society and culture and civilization.

Admissions Requirements
A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in an associate in general arts. Candidates may also have to provide recommendation letters and statement of intent. Other factors for admissions may vary with the requirement of the institute.

Online Associate in General Arts
Students who want to pursue a degree in general arts may take the online route. The distance learning programs allow students to work towards a degree from any location at anytime. They are not bound to study at fixed timings as in case of campus based programs. This is why the online program can particularly be useful for those who reside in remote locations, stay-at-home parents and candidates with physical disabilities. The ones who have part time or full time jobs can also benefit from online learning as it allows them to look after their personal and professional commitments alongside their educational pursuits.

Continuing Education Programs
Students who have earned an associate in general arts may work towards a bachelor's degree in general arts and sciences. They may pursue a degree in business administration or fine arts. The bachelor's degrees may take 3-4 years to complete. The duration of a program may depend on the enrollment status of the students. Those who opt to work after completing their associate degree may pursue an advancement degree online if they want to improve their job prospects. The master's degrees are also available for those aspiring to take up managerial positions in different settings.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of general arts degrees may find work in several fields such as business, academia or social services. They may become salesmen, research assistants, writers, graphic designers or social workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs for social workers as well as graphic designers are expected to grow during 2010 and 2020 decade.

The wages of these professionals widely vary depending on several factors. These include location, experience and qualification. As of 2012, the median annual wage of social workers was $44,200 according to the BLS.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What topics are covered in Associate In General Arts degree program?

A:Associate In General Arts degree program is designed to provide students with brief knowledge of various topics. The program does not focus on one major field, important subjects included in the curriculum include the following: interpersonal communication, public speaking, art history, astronomy, society and culture, American literature, accounting, business administration, philosophy and critical thinking, and creative writing.

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