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Bachelor in Video Game Design

Bachelor of Video Game Design

Overview of Field
The Bachelor of Video Game Design prepares students to design and engineer video games across platforms such as consoles, computers and handheld devices. Video game design has become a specialized field over the years. The Bachelor of Video Game Design prepares students to consider aspects of art, animation, music, design, monetization and advertising that are all critical aspects of video game design.

Structure and duration of the degree program
The Bachelor of Video Game Design is a fairly rigid course since it involves a large number of required courses. The first two years tackle the different aspects of video games such as art, music and design as separate modules. Over the final two years, the modules come together as students engage in projects. Students in the Bachelor of Video Game Design program are also encouraged to collect work experience through internships and practical projects.

Highlights of the coursework
Students in the Bachelor of Video Game Design are expected to complete coursework in aspects of the physics of game design. They are also exposed to the emerging fields of mobile and social games. Students learn about the use of different platforms and their relative strengths and weaknesses. Students may also be exposed to the use of video game design in marketing and education.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those who have taken high school level mathematics and science are eligible for the program.

Career prospects and average salary
Starting salaries after the Bachelor of Video Game Design are often over $40,000 a year. Those in startups may earn stock options in the company.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration of the Bachelor's degree in Game Design?

A:The Bachelor in Video Game Design is a four year degree program if opted in a regular campus-based institute. The duration varies with the online bachelor in video game design. Online degrees are self paced programs; hence these are completely dependent upon the student's speed.

Q:Is there a 2 year bachelor’s video game degree?

A:There is no 2 year bachelor's in video game designing degree. However, with an online bachelor in video game designing program, applicants can complete it within two years. Online programs are self-paced. Hence, the completion time depends on the student's speed.

Q:What courses are included in the curriculum of online Bachelor Game Design degree?

A:An online bachelor degree in game design comprises of various introductory and advanced course. Students enrolled in this program study subjects such as animation, graphic design, game development, digital storytelling, digital image manipulation, character planning, 3D modeling, game art, programming languages, scriptwriting, simulation development, artificial intelligence, physics engine development, math programming, and game play mechanics.

Q:What jobs can be pursued with Game Design Bachelor degree?

A:A bachelor degree in game design is an undergraduate degree offered by many institutions. With a game design degree at this level, individuals are qualified for a few entry level jobs in the field. Job positions may include becoming a game programmer, level designer, studio head/supervisor, graphics programmer, music and composing artist, sound effects designer, client manager, game marketer, trade show representative, and pr manager. The job will greatly depend on the area of specialization in game design.

Q:How long does it take to get a bachelors degree in video game design?

A:Pursuing a Bachelor of Video Game Design is a tedious job spread over 4 years and requires a lot of hard work, time and attention. During the first two years students are familiarized with the different aspects of developing video games like art, music and design. The final two years compromise of all these different aspects of development coming together and being implemented into real games. Internships along with a hand on experience in this field is mandatory for students in the Bachelor of Video Game Design program.

Q:Can I earn a bachelors degree for game design in Canada online?

A:Yes, you can earn a degree online from any location. If you do not have access to a campus based institute, or do not have the resources to attend classes, it does not mean you can't fulfill your academic dreams. Online programs allow students located anywhere in the world to complete higher education from the comfort of their homes through distant learning schools.

Q:I am interested in pursuing a bachelor degree in game design program in USA. Can u give me the job description of a game designer?

A:Game designers create new computer games and also define the way a game is played. They develop the rules of the game, the setting, story and characters, props, and also plan the different ways a game can be played. Game designers need to be creative, imaginative, and fluent in a number of software packages in order to perform their tasks efficiently.

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