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Bachelor in Culinary Arts

A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts allows students to gain knowledge about food preparation and presentation. Those who acquire their bachelor’s degree in this field are prepared to work in food research or food service industry. This program offers different specializations and students can choose an area according to their interest. It is a combination of theory and practice.

What Is Culinary Arts Studies?

A degree in culinary arts develops the skills that students need to excel in the food industry. The degree covers topics like baking, hospitality, restaurant services, world cuisine, baking, nutrition, beverages, wine and many more. Students can choose to specialize in a particular area of culinary arts. This program educates aspiring chefs about the classic and modern techniques in cooking. It involves theoretical knowledge and first hand laboratory work.

A bachelor’s degree in culinary arts is suitable for people who want to step into entry-level jobs in this field. Since chefs are required in all restaurants and hotels, graduates will have plenty of job opportunities.

What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts?

Professionals who have a degree in culinary arts are trained to serve in leadership roles in the culinary industry. After they graduate, they have sound knowledge regarding world cuisines, various cooking techniques, food safety techniques and cooking standards. However, some additional training may be required. These are some of the job options available for culinary arts professionals and their salaries as per the data available with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Chefs and Head Cooks

These professionals supervise the preparation of food at different restaurants, hotels and any other place where food is served. They use multiple equipment and have large quantities of meat and spices available. Some chefs have started using software to manage their administrative tasks.

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Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2019


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019



State with the Highest Salary, 2019



Food Service Managers

Food service managers supervise and manage all the operations at a restaurant or any other place that prepares and serves beverages and food. They make sure that the customers are satisfied with the provided dining experience.

Annual Median Salary, 2019


Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2019


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019



State with the Highest Salary, 2019

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Dieticians and Nutritionists

These professionals are experts in the use of nutrition and food to promote a healthy lifestyle. They advise people on what to eat and prepare diet plans as well.

Annual Median Salary, 2019


Job Outlook, 2018-2028


Annual Mean Salary, 2019


State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019



State with the Highest Salary, 2019



What to Expect from a Bachelors in Culinary Arts?

Bachelors in culinary arts degrees make students proficient in cooking methods and culinary techniques. This program is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical work. Students are also taught to polish their communication skills so they can effectively work in a team. They are expected to do an externship so they can get a chance to gain practical experience. Some of the courses may include culinary techniques, restaurant operations, banquets and catering food preparation, hospitality systems management and wine and beverage management, etc. The program takes four years to complete.

How to Choose a Bachelors in Culinary Arts Program?

While you are choosing a culinary arts program take the following things into account:

  • Choose an accredited program
  • Check if your required specialization is available or not
  • Check the cost and time required to complete the program
  • Consider the location of the program

Bachelors in Culinary Arts admission requirements

To get admitted in a culinary arts program, students need to have a high school diploma or a GED. Additional requirements may be placed by individual schools.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts?

There are many schools in the US, such as Kendall College and the Culinary Institute of America, which are offering a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Culinary Arts. This degree can be completed within four years. It combines general education studies with a solid set of business skills and rigorous culinary training that trains students to work at restaurants, cafés and bakeshops.

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts?

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Culinary Arts have to complete a total of around 180 credits. They are required to study a number of courses such as Culinary Fundamentals, Contemporary Restaurant Cooking, Modern Banquet Cookery, Hospitality and Customer Service and Managing Profitability in Food Service Operations. Some programs also require students to complete a semester-long internship that helps them get a taste of the professional culinary world.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts?

After graduating from a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts, students can kick-start their careers as Catering Managers, Sous Chefs, Food Critics and Culinary Managers. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for Head Cooks and Chefs is forecasted to increase by 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, which will lead to the creation of 15,400 vacancies. The salary data shows that these professionals made an annual median wage of $48,460 in May 2018.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How soon can the Bachelor in Culinary Arts be completed?

A:The Bachelor in Culinary Arts is a four year degree program, however, students who wish to complete these programs at their own pace can opt for the online version as most distance learning universities offer self-paced degrees, which can be completed at student's desired pace.

Q:What will I learn in a bachelor degree in culinary arts?

A:Bachelor degree programs in culinary arts are designed to help students learn about cooking and food. The program entails a many subjects related to the science of food and preparation. Students undergo a lot of practical training and acquire hands on experience in cooking. It takes around four years to complete a bachelor degree in culinary arts.

Q:What are the typical durations of degree programs based on a bachelor of culinary arts Melbourne and what kinds of skills do they impart?

A:The usual period of study is three years for a bachelor's degree in culinary arts in a Melbourne based institute. The program is designed in such a way so to instill a wide variety of skills in aspiring chefs, such as kitchen management, hospitality and commercial cooking, catering essentials as well ways of preparing fine cuisine.

Q:What kinds of skills and pastry making techniques do bachelor programs in pastry arts include?

A:If you are looking for bachelor level programs in pastry arts, it is better to seek out bachelor programs in culinary arts that offer a concentration in pastry making. This way, you'll get an overview of the skills and abilities that are required in a food preparation setting and will not be limited to just a selected few. The skills that you will acquire will be related to making cookies, sweet breads, ice creams and chocolates in different settings.

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