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Master in Culinary Arts

What is culinary art?
Culinary art is a term given to the art of food preparation and food presentation; it includes the practice and process of cooking various kinds of foods. A culinarian is the name given to a skilled professional who prepares food.

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Master in culinary arts is a two year graduate degree program offered by many culinary art schools students enrolled in programs in culinary arts can pick an area to specialize in
Master in Culinary Arts
Master in culinary arts
Master in culinary arts is a two year graduate degree program offered by many culinary art schools. This is an advanced level program, which focuses on providing students with profession oriented knowledge and prepares them to take on executive roles in the culinary field. Students can also earn online masters degrees in culinary arts by renowned online schools.

Students enrolled in a master in culinary arts degree program undergo a learning experience that combines the knowledge of business and cooking. Students spend a great deal of time in classroom study, where they learn about the theoretical basis of food and nutrition, and gain a sound understanding of all the scientific factors that affect food preparation. Apart from this, students also indulge in hands on training in kitchen classrooms, where they spend hours learning and perfecting the art of cooking.

There are a number of courses included in a master’s degree in culinary arts. Some important topics include:
  • Food and nutrition
  • Chemistry
  • Baking/ pastry art
  • Food science
  • Menu planning
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Traditional techniques

Areas of specialization in culinary arts
Students enrolled in masters degree programs in culinary arts can pick an area to specialize in. The range of areas offered may vary from university to university. The most common areas offered for specialization are:
  • Restaurant management
  • Wine and beverage management
  • International cuisine
  • Baking and pastry arts
  • Food preparation

Job opportunities
Students with a master in culinary arts degree can pursue many types of job opportunities in the professional world of cooking.  A master’s degree normally opens the doors towards managerial and executive job positions in the field.  The yearly salary of a master chef ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 excluding bonuses and other benefits. Some major types of jobs that can be pursued are:
  • Senior Chef/baker
  • Restaurant manager
  • Executive chef
  • Food critic

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are there in the masters degree in culinary?

A:The Masters degree program in Culinary has usually about 54 credits. This may vary slightly from one program to another one, depending on duration and class hours.

Q:Can you name a few areas offered for specialization in Master Culinary degrees?

A:A master’s degree in culinary arts is a graduate level degree program. It is offered by a number of popular cooking schools across the nation. Students enrolled in this program can pick from the following areas to specialize in: culinary arts, food and service management, French cuisine, baking and patisserie, culinary technology, garde manger, hot foods, beverage management, presentation skills, kitchen management, and many more.

Q:What is taught in the Tools & Equipment course of the Masters in Culinary Arts degree programs?

A:The Masters in Culinary Arts degree programs offer a contemporary course on Tools & Equipment. this course is worth 4 credits in total and offers the students with the right expertise to be able to select the correct equipment as well as supplies, usage of knives, chopping methods as well as ways to slice and dice contents.

Q:Can you get a Master's degree in Culinary Arts online?

A:In answer to your question can you get a Master's degree in Culinary Arts online, yes you can. Many schools and colleges across the United States are offering Master in Culinary Art program. In this program you get to study in detail about food and nutrition, sanitation and safety, baking and pastry art, menu planning, food sourcing, food science and chemistry.

Q:What are the Careers after doing Master in Culinary Arts?

A:The career options you have with a masters degree in culinary arts are lucrative and rewarding. You can seek managerial or executive job positions in the food industry. The type of job you may qualify for will depend upon your specialization area. Some popular job positions include: restaurant manager, chief chef, beverage manager, food writer and critic, and more.

Q:I am looking forward to a career after doing Master in Culinary Arts. Can you tell me what different job positions are available?

A:With a masters degree in culinary arts, you can look forward to a rewarding career in the food industry. The type of job you can apply for will depend upon your area of specialization. You can work as a hotel manager, beverage manager, chef, or even a marketer. For more information, feel free to go through our page.

Q:Can i get a masters degree in culinary arts and work as a restaurant manager?

A:Yes, you can pursue managerial jobs positions in the food industry with a masters degree in culinary arts. The program will equip you with advanced knowledge about food science, management, and cooking. You can also seek specialization in restaurant management or beverage management in the program. Take a look at our page for more detailed information.

Q:What specializations can you do in a Master Culinary Arts programs and what do you learn?

A:Typically, a culinary arts masters program offers the following specializations; restaurant management, pastry and baking arts, beverage and wine management, food preparation and international cuisine. This masters program focuses on chemistry, sanitation, food science, nutrition, baking art, pastry making, traditional techniques, menu planning and practical classes, to give students a hands-on experience.

Q:How long is the Masters Degree in Culinary Arts?

A:The masters in culinary arts degree is typically a one to three year long graduate degree program. The exact length of the program however, depends greatly on the school/college/university you choose to attend. Now because of online education, students are no longer required to be on campus for lectures and classes if they can conveniently listen in to them online which effects the duration of the degree.

Q:Can I be a chef with a Master in Culinary Arts?

A:Yes, you can. Chefs and head cooks are responsible for overseeing food preparation at food service locations such as restaurants and cafes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, chefs and head cooks had an annual median pay of $42,480 and the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 5%.

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