Fine and Studio Art Degrees

What are Fine and Studio Art?
Fine and studio art focuses on artistic skills that are used in the development of all kinds of visual showpieces from vases and pottery to oil paintings and furniture. The term fine art is generally used to refer to all forms of visual art, while studio art is specifically used to describe the process of developing elaborate pieces in a studio setting. Studio art generally requires more planning and a larger array of materials. Studio art programs are also ideal for developing the kind of art that may be used in interior decorations.

Fine and studio artworks are often completed in teams and you thus are required to have basic training in scheduling and completing projects. You will get exposure to the many mediums of artistic expression such as oils, watercolor and pastels.

What are the commonly offered degrees related to fine and studio art?
Most art related degrees give you the option of studying some form of fine and studio art. Bachelor’s degrees attempt to be broad and thus don’t offer much room for specialization. A master’s is a great option if you are looking to develop a specialization in a specific area like oils or pottery or murals. Doctorate degrees in fine and studio art are basically designed for those who are looking to make careers out of research and teaching.

Many times you may find that you don’t need a complete degree to complete your career objectives. Perhaps you just need to take some select courses in a specialty area to develop expertise in it. In that case part time courses that are offered online or certificate programs in fine and studio art might be the best fit for you.

Specializations available in fine and studio art
Many artists are keen to specialize in one particular medium. It is thus possible to have a specialization in fine and studio art. The common specializations are linked to the standard mediums of usage. You might specialize in oil paintings or sketching or charcoal or pottery. Studio art also gives you the option to specialize in areas like interior design and architecture.

Career opportunities and salary information for fine and studio art
Fine and studio art prepare students for careers in design, architecture and the fine arts. One of the most common paths for those who graduate in fine and studio art is to enter teaching. All schools and universities have some form of art program and are eager to hire people with specialized training to work with their students.

Students of fine and studio art are in high demand in construction and building design since they can contribute to decisions on color schemes, decorations and layouts. Some fine and studio art graduates have the expertise to work directly on designing panels and furniture.

Some fine and studio art graduates choose to become private consultants or freelancers. Others just hold regular exhibitions to share and monetize their work.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Fine and Studio Art Degree?

If you have a creative streak in you, then a fine and studio art degree is ideal for you. A number of institutes, such as Stanford University and University of California Los Angeles, are offering art degrees. Students can enroll in a 3 to 4 year long Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in which they can specialize in Art & Design, Graphic Design, Game Design, Animation or Photography. Students can also pursue a 2-year long Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

What Are the Requirements to Complete a Fine and Studio Art Degree?

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) have to complete around 122 to 132 credit hours and those enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) are generally required to complete a minimum of 72 quarter units of coursework. They have to study a range of courses such as Color Theory, Digital Art, Modern Art, Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Life Drawing, and Art History.

How Much Can I Make after Completing a Fine and Studio Art Degree?

After completing the degree, individuals can work in multimedia communication firms, galleries, and studios. They can pursue careers as Art Gallery Managers, Fine Artists, Exhibition Designers, Illustrators, or Graphic Designers. Employment data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Craft and Fine Artists were well paid – their median annual wage was $48,960 in 2018. Thus, this field offers exciting opportunities to graduates.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How much time does it take to complete the studio art degree online?

A:The fine arts degree with concentration in studio art is offered by a number of universities and schools listed on our website. The typical duration of undergrad degrees is 4 -5 years, while the graduate level degrees span u to 2-3 years. Students can easily opt for the online degrees and complete these at their desired pace.

Q:What is covered in the Fine and Studio Art Degrees?

A:The fine and studio art degrees focus on a blend of artistic and studio design courses such as drawing, color design, photo enhancing techniques, visual communications, computer drawing and digital media. The curriculum may vary from school to school depending on the level of degree.

Q:What different jobs can students get with Online Fine and Studio Art Degrees?

A:There are a number of jobs that students can get with Online Fine and Studio Art Degrees. These include job positions such as: art directors, art painters, sculptors, illustrators, craft artists, sketch artists, cartoonist, multimedia artists, multimedia animators, graphic designers, art publishers, writers, and many more. The job positions also depend greatly on the areas chosen for specialization in the degree program.

Q:What are my options with art degrees online?

A:If you are looking for Art Degrees online, you have just as many (if not more) options as you would with regular schools. The most basic degrees available are certifications and diplomas. These take 6 months to a year to complete. You can also go for 2 year associate's degrees. Higher education degrees available include bachelor's and master's degrees. The highest level of online education available in arts is a doctorate.

Q:Can you tell me what kind of specializations are available in a fine art degree?

A:There are a variety of specializations available for students who wish to pursue a fine art degree. These can include oil paintings, sketching, charcoal or pottery. Studio art also gives you the option to specialize in areas like interior design and architecture. Many online schools and institutions also offer a number of specializations to facilitate their students

Q:Can i get a bachelors degree in studio art online?

A:Yes, you can enroll in a bachelors degree in studio art online. This program aims at equipping students with skills needed to work in commercial art sector. Studio art is also known as fine art, and basically covers visual art. From photography to ceramics, students study a wide range of topics in a bachelors degree in studio art online.

Q:As I was reading about fine arts studios online, I came across bachelor's degree in this field. Can you tell me how long will it take to complete this degree?

A:A bachelor degree in arts or fine arts takes four years to complete. This is an undergraduate program that helps students prepare for entry level art careers. This program can be completed on campus and online. The coursework is practical based and theory based, depending upon the choice of subjects.

Q:What are the kinds of subjects studied in studio arts degree?

A:The specific curriculum of a studio arts degree usually varies from school to school and from program to program. Generally, students in bachelor of studio arts degree get to study courses in modern media, theory of art, sculpture, photography, print making, digital images, CAD/CAM, textiles, drawing, painting, ceramics, glassware and so on.

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