Design Programs

Design Programs are very diverse and may lead to expertise in a varied number of fields such as architecture, graphic designing, interior designing, web designing, textile designing and even game designing. Design programs equip people with technology and expertise needed to bring their ideas into practical designs.

Who Should Opt for Design Programs?
The most commonly cited reason to join design programs is the bursting creativity of the students. Besides being creative, it is important that design students have other skills too, like precision and most importantly patience to develop their creative ideas into viable and workable designs. Graduates of design programs often work long and varied hours with the prime objective of meeting deadlines and targets. Thus only people who are very dedicated to the field and who really enjoy working in it should consider taking up design programs because otherwise they will end up in a professional ennui and dissatisfaction.

What are the Specific Fields of Design that can be pursued?
Design programs may lead to various degrees like architecture, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, game design, textile design and jewelry design among even more degrees. Some of these are discussed below in some detail.

Communication Design
Communication design is a very upcoming field and leads to lucrative jobs. It is related with the use of design in communicating a message or an advertisement to people via media such as print or electronic media. This field of design relies heavily on information technology and the use of several computer software that allow the ideas to be streamlined and developed as desired. In some places, communication design may also be referred to as graphic design.

Web Design
Web design deals with designing web sites and making them operational. Websites can either have static pages or dynamic pages, which means they may have content that remains the same throughout or content that may be subject to change, respectively.

Game Development and Design
This is a relatively new field and design programs in game development have seen a rise in recent years. Game designers are required in designing the structure, content and regulation of a game.

Are Online Design Programs a Good Idea?
Online degrees are no longer a taboo as they were considered before. More and more accredited schools are offering courses online. It is actually a very good idea to pursue a design degree online since a lot of the work you do will already be based on computer software. Also, online design programs are comparatively cheaper than on campus programs because of no costs such as those of transport and residence. Along with that, they allow a lot of flexibility and you can work at your own pace.

Also, online design programs are much more aesthetically rewarding since there is no class pressure and so many designers produce the most original material when they work on their own.

What are Some Possible Career Choices after Design Programs?
Design programs lead to usually well-paying jobs. According to the specific design degree that they have, people can work for advertising agencies, art galleries, interior design firms, with a fashion designer, in magazines, publishing houses and the film or TV industry. They may also choose to work at their own time by offering freelance services.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is a freelance fashion designer expected to do?

A:Fashion designers typically work in studios, workshops or boutiques. These skilled professionals are essentially involved in textile designing, technical designing or costume designing. Most employers require full-time fashion designers to carry out tasks such as such as analyzing current customer trends, creating textile designs, and preparing sketches on garments. However, some companies prefer hiring free lance fashion designers. A free lance fashion designer is hired on project specific basis unlike the full-time fashion designer. They are not bound to attend the office full-time. Also, different employers have different requirements, some may require the free lance fashion designer to pay weekly visits and others might require them to come regularly for a few hours.

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