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Bachelor of Art and Design is a four-year degree program offered by most of the universities across the country, on-site as well as on-line. The degree is awarded after the completion of 120 credit points. The program is composed mainly of theory and practical work. The final year of study is dedicated to building up a portfolio while students are acquainted with theory and practical work in the initial years.

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Bachelor of Art and Design forms the basis of many genres of fine arts and design. The initial part of the program starts with the basics of the drawing and design element and then moves on to electronic print production, publication design and corporate branding. Universities usually ask students to select an area of specialization in their third year which could be interior designing, fashion designing or graphic designing among others which subsequently leads to working on their portfolio. Bachelor of Art and Design is a good foundation for Masters in Fine Arts but most of the students opt for jobs or freelance after the completion of the degree.

Bachelor of Art and Design can get you jobs with studios, galleries and individual clients. Depending on your specialization, a bachelor in Art and Design can help you with a good start. Fashion is one of the highest paying industries and offers lucrative jobs for Art and Design graduates. With a specialization in interior designing, you can work with private companies or set up a business of your own. Multimedia artists and animators also find lucrative offers with studios. Average pay after Bachelor of Art & Design ranges from $47,000 to $60,000 and can go higher with work experience.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the advantages of pursuing Bachelor of fine arts degree online?

A:There are a number of advantages associated with pursuing Bachelor of fine arts degree online. Commonly referred to as distance learning programs, students can study these courses over the internet. It provides students with a level of convenience and comfort required to study. With the help of these programs students are also able to save money on travel and accommodation. And another benefit of these programs is that the curriculum for these courses is extensive with every aspect of the subject discussed in detail. Prospective students are advised to search our website for an extensive list of online institution offering this program.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Introduction to Accounting in the Bachelor in Art and Design?

A:The Bachelor in Art and Design does have a dedicated course on Introduction to Accounting. This course is of around 2 credits. The sole aim of this course is to provide students with strong understanding of the fundamental level bookkeeping and double entry methods as well as debit credit systems. Students are also provided with strong understanding of the course in terms of hands on experience.

Q:How can I choose the right university for barchelor of art and designe ?

A:In order to choose the right university for the bachelor of art and design, you will need to consider a few major factors that can lead you to a successful career afterwards. The important considerations include the accreditation of the school, tuition cost, location, financial aid and scholarships, curriculum and specializations offered. You can also take feedback from the students of the university, to get a better idea if it is suitable for you.

Q:What is a bachelor of art and design and how much time is needed to complete this degree?

A:A bachelor degree in art and design is geared towards prepping students for careers in this field. The program can be completed in four years at most schools. However, students can also opt for an accelerated bachelor degree that takes less than four years to complete. The curriculum may vary from school to school. Browse through our page for detail.

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