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Introduction to Art and Design
The vast field of art and design encompasses hundreds of sub-fields based on a person’s creative abilities and artistic talent. This field teaches us about ourselves, our history, our purpose, our values and our culture. It also helps us understand and appreciate cultures around the world, and helps us discover the foundations on which modern society is based. Some of the branches in this field are film making, painting and artist work, interior design, history, language, music, 3d modeling and animation. The field of art and design provides a broad-based, generalized education that opens up opportunities across virtually every industry.

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What is the Master of Art and Design?
The Master of Art and Design is an advanced, graduate level degree that is offered to people who hold a bachelor’s degree in the fine arts or design, or a related field. There are hundreds of specializations to choose from, some of which are fashion design and merchandising, interior decoration, architecture, and web design. Students can also specialize in TV production, media studies, acting, music and the recording arts. The core curriculum includes general courses in humanities, language, social sciences and ethics, after which students take specific courses in a concentration area of their choice.

What are the future prospects?
An art & design gives you a broad range of technical and managerial skills that can be put to use in virtually any industry. The massive growth in the fields of interior design, music and the media offers exciting opportunities for Master of Art and Design graduates. This degree can also be used by entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses or help obtain an administrative position at a private business or government organization.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What do students learn in the master of creative arts degree program?

A:Master of art creative arts degree program is designed to teach students about the creative industries. Students enrolled in this degree program study a number of areas such as design, improvisation, photography, circus arts, art history, commercial illustration, art theory, costume design, ceramics, clothing, and many more areas of study.

Q:What can be the benefits of a design masters programs?

A:A design masters program can help you in a number of ways. If you wish to acquire advanced education in art and design, it is a good option. Besides, if you want to update your current skills and learn about new developments in design, and also technical aspects such as software, you can pursue this degree. An advanced degree enhances your career opportunities and may lead to career growth as well.

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