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Art and Design is a broad field encompassing various subfields with their own set of skills and techniques such as photography, fine arts, interior design, etc. Students with a bachelor’s degree can enhance their portfolio and arts knowledgebase by enrolling in post-bacc programs in art and design such as master’s level or certificate level programs. The master’s level degree is usually geared towards individuals aiming to enter a career in teaching of arts whereas the certificate level post-bacc programs in art and design are tailored for imparting practical, industry-specific knowledge. Hence, certificate level programs can be pursued by individuals who want to explore other subjects in art & design and add more skills to their resume.

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Q:What does post-bacc programs in art and design really stand for?

A:First of all "post -bacc" stands for Post-Baccalaureate and the rest is quite evident. A post-bacc program in art and design is offered to students with an intensive interest in graphic design. Students get to work with their select group of dedicated peers in a challenging and supportive environment This program prepares students for an advance career in this field or for applying to competitive MFA programs at MICA and other colleges and universities.

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