Certificate in Art and Design

Certificate of Art and Design

Overview of Field
The Certificate of Art and Design is ideal for students who do not want to enroll in a full four year degree program. The Certificate of Art and Design can often be completed in as little as a year since it just involves completing a sequence of three related courses. Those who see Art and Design as a hobby and want to learn more without committing to a complete degree program can also opt for this program.

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Structure and duration of the degree program
The Certificate of Art and Design requires you to take three courses in closely related areas. Some certificate programs are more elaborate but three courses tend to be the bare minimum. The courses are generally in areas like drawing, painting and digital design. All courses involve substantial project work.

Highlights of the coursework
The coursework in the Certificate of Art and Design allows you to pick your area of interest. Students have the option of studying the intersection of technology and art particularly if they are interested in working in the animation and gaming industry.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Students who enroll in the certificate of Art & Design do not need a specific academic program. But those students with a demonstrated aptitude for art tend to perform better.

Career prospects and average salary
The Certificate of Art and Design may allow you to develop a portfolio to enter careers in architecture or design.



Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which is taught in Cartooning Certificate programs?

A:Most Cartooning Certificates equip students with a blend of drawing techniques. Students can learn about the facial features of cartoons, how to show motion in characters, comic strips and ink pen drawing techniques. These programs involve basic computer courses like Digital imaging, 2-Dimensional art and Computer graphics to provide students with the know-how of the advanced animation technology.

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