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Certificate in Fine and Studio Art

Overview of the field
Certificate of Fine and Studio Art is an all-inclusive degree which trains students in various aspects of fine arts and studio arts. It ranges from courses in photography, sculpture, to multimedia.

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Structure and duration of the program
Certificate of Fine and Studio Art can be completed within a year and has 30 credit points. These credits can also be transferred to a diploma program which takes another year to complete. The program not only includes theory but also involves extensive practical work.

Highlights of the coursework
Students have to study core courses along with elective courses in Certificate of Fine and Studio Art. The core courses include drawing, photography, and fine arts theory while some colleges also offer liberal arts. The coursework is directed towards the making of a portfolio which is an assessment of the student’s work.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Universities usually don’t ask for a particular criterion for admission in Certificate of Fine and Studio Art. A general interest in the subject, however, is a plus and some previous experience could be helpful in the studies. Graduation largely depends on the portfolio which is mandatory at the conclusion of the program.

Career prospects and average salary
Certificate of Fine and Studio Art can be a good basis for graduate study. However you could start working right away and set up private consultation. You can also work with private studios and make around $35,000 since it is a lucrative field especially if you bring a good educational background.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are there in the Studio Art certificate program?

A:The Studio Art Certificate program has 30 credits. Students can get enrolled in campus based or online programs in this field.

Q:I was searching for the best Fine Art certificate online but I couldn't find the coursework anywhere, Can you guide me?

A:If you are looking for the best Fine Art certificate online, you can search through our website we have mentioned many options. The course work of Fine Art certificate includes a number of courses some of which are, intro to drawing, drawing, intro to visual arts, figure drawing, history of art, painting and digital photography.

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