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Associate in Fashion

Earning an Associate of Fashion degree can help you to pursue a thriving career in the fashion industry. These degree programs span over 2 years. You learn various aspects of fashion in this training program. Store design and retail management include some of the areas you will get to cover in an Associate of Fashion program.

Eligibility Criteria
You can enroll in to an Associate of Fashion degree program if you have a high school diploma or GED. Other admissions criteria may vary from college to college.

The Scope of Associate of Fashion Degree Programs
Associate of Fashion programs are offered by campus based as well as online institutes. You can choose to earn this degree in the traditional way or pursue it online depending on your own choice. Some of the subjects you will get to cover in Associate in Fashion programs are:

  • Business technology
  • Retail management
  • Fashion history
  • Computer aided design
  • Consumer behavior
  • Color
  • Sewing and tailoring

In the present times, there is an increased demand of individuals with fashion degrees. This is why earning an Associate of Fashion degree can lead you to a promising career. Fashion designers can earn $55,840 to $112,840 per year. However, the precise salary depends on your degree level, experience and expertise.  

Online Associate of Fashion Degree Programs
You can choose to earn your Associate of Fashion degree online as well. These programs give you the liberty to study from any location and at any time that suits you.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which institutes offer the associate in Fashion Design degree program?

A:A bunch of accredited online as well as campus-based institutes offer the associate's degree in fashion designing. The Art Institute, Westwood College, Academy of Art University, International Academy of Design and Technology, American InterContinental University, and the Berkeley College are a few popular ones offering the associate’s degree in fashion design.

Q:What are the possible careers with an Associates in Fashion design degree?

A:An Associate’s degree in Fashion Design is a two year undergraduate degree that provides students with essentials of fashion designing. Students are equipped with basic knowledge of the fashion industry and fashion skills. Students can start working in the industry with this degree, as they are qualified for entry level jobs. Job positions include fashion designers, retail store manager, inventory manager, assistant to designer, and sales representative.

Q:What is taught in the Consumer Behavior course of the online Fashion Associates in Art?

A:The Consumer Behavior course of the online Fashion Associates in Art relates to studying and analyzing the ever changing trends in the world of fashion. It teaches the different ways and methods to study the consumer trends and consumer psyche as to what appeals to them Consumer Behavior is an essential part of fashion brand merchandising and is mandatory to helping you make it big in the fashion marketplace.

Q:While searching for fashion associates career, I came across a course called Principles of Retail Management. What is it about?

A:While going for Fashion Associates Career, people often go for Associate in Retail Merchandise Management. The program's essential course included in the curriculum is Principles of Retail Management. In this course the student is introduced with the retail management from the marketing point of view and explores price planning and promotion techniques.

Q:What is the eligibility criterion for an associate in arts fashion design?

A:Associate in arts fashion design is a two year long program. Mostly people can get into it after completing high school. The admission criterion differs from school to school. You can check the details by visiting the website of the institute that would have detailed information. You can also apply online by filling the admission forms.

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