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Certificate in Architecture

Certificate in architecture is for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field. If we look around, we see architecture at its best. Many students seek higher education in this field, preparing themselves for a career as an architect. This field has emerged to become a major academic area that focuses mainly upon the process and design of buildings. From beautiful skyscrapers to Victorian style residential suits, architecture plays a major role in forming our society’s infrastructure. History is witness to some of the best architectural designs that have paved way for modern day inspirations.

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Certificate in Architecture
Along with the main architecture one can pursue in the field of architecture, short certificate programs have also increased in popularity. Now more and more individuals are seeking extra credentials in the form of certificates to help boost their career and increase job prospects. Certificate programs are basically designed for individuals who are already employed and wish to enhance their skill sets and knowledge.
A certificate in architecture has a short duration, usually ranging between six to eight months. It is a career oriented program and comprises of a set of related courses. Some of these courses shave been listed below:

  • Introduction to architecture
  • Principles and elements of design
  • AutoCAD
  • Construction technology
  • Community design
  • History of architecture

Students acquire a technical understanding of construction and aesthetics, and also learn how to design, implement, and manage various projects. Apart from developing sound theoretical knowledge, the program also focuses on developing communication skills, analysis skills, and planning skills among students.
Not all architecture certification programs are offered via campus, many can be pursued online as well. Students who do have access to schools or do not have the time to attend classes can pursue online certificate programs conveniently.
What you can do with an Architecture certificate program
A certification can help working individuals boost their career and increase their income level. This is a great way to update your knowledge in the professional field and increase competency. The average income level for architects is approximately $40,000 per year. But with a certification in this field, the income level can go up to $89,000 per year. Factors such as experience, job position, and employer organization play a major in determining the exact salary level for an architect.

How long does it take to get a Certificate in Architecture?

A typical certification involves at least 3 to 4 courses in the field. This makes a total of 12 credit hours. There are many different kinds of certificates available in architecture including ones regarding historic preservation, health and awareness architecture, architectural acoustics and urban design. Certification can be completed online and can take anywhere from 4 months to 3 years depending on the type of program.

What are the requirements to get a Certificate in Architecture?

There are no formal entry requirements for taking a certification course in Architecture. However, applicants should hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Needless to say, before enrolling in a course regarding architecture, some basic knowledge about mathematics, arts and physics should help you complete your certification process with ease. There will be some higher level courses for which the pre-requisite courses will be mentioned by the institute that is offering the certification.

How much can I make with a Certificate in Architecture?

The job of an architect is to plan the structures of different buildings, including factories, offices and homes. Most jobs in the field of architecture require an entry level education of a bachelor's degree. An internship or residency is also preferred. The median annual wage, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for Architects in 2018 was $79,380 and the median hourly wage was $38.16.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What topics are studied in an architecture online diploma program?

A:A diploma in architecture normally has a duration of one to two years. The curriculum of the online diploma in architecture includes a number of topics, such as history and theory of architecture, construction materials, calculus, physical environment, construction technology, computer aided designing, building environmental science, architectural design, and many more.

Q:Can you tell me how are architecture design certificate programs different from degrees?

A:A certificate program is short in duration, usually takes six months or a year to complete. Certificate programs are usually intended for individuals who are already employed and want to improve their skills and knowledge. More and more individuals are now looking for extra credentials in the form of certificates. This way, they can improve their career and enhance job prospects.

Q:Can u guide me about architecture certification?

A:Architecture certification courses are growing high in demand. Many employers are seeking individuals who are certified in this area. You can enhance your skill set and boost your employment opportunities by going for extra credentials such as certifications. These are offered by many campus-based and online architecture schools. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:How long is the certificate of architecture?

A:Certificate of architecture has a short duration. It normally ranges between six to eight months. It is a professional program and offers a number of core courses. Courses may vary from one institute to another, however major courses include introduction to architecture, principles and elements of design, AutoCAD, construction technology, community design, and history of architecture.

Q:How long is the architecture certification?

A:The time period of an architecture certification can vary among different institutes. However, the duration of a certificate program is short and normally takes six to twelve months of time. Curriculum and duration of architecture certificates depend on the level of expertise students have and what those programs aim to teach.

Q:How long is the Architecture Certificates program and what will I learn?

A:A certificate program in architecture usually lasts between six to eight months. The exact duration may vary from school to school and from program to program. Generally, in an architecture certificate program, students get to study courses such as introduction to architecture, history of architecture, community design, AutoCAD, construction technology, principles and elements of design and so on.

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