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Bachelor in Architecture

Bachelor in Architecture is usually a 4-year college degree. Education in architecture is very intensive because it focuses on theory as well as practical work. Even after a bachelor’s degree, it is mandatory for the student to take an Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) to be able to practice their architectural skills at a professional level.

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Bachelor of Architecture is a four-year degree program offered by most universities all over the country. The degree is awarded after a completion of 120 credit points. The first three years of the degree are generally devoted to theory and history while the last year is specific to studio work. The latter is a mandatory part of the coursework without which the degree is not awarded. The requirement for the program is a high school diploma but some universities may ask for ACT or SAT scores.

The coursework introduces the students to the history of architecture and architecture theory followed by analysis of buildings, structures, design labs, human elements in architecture and relationship of environments with buildings being some of the key courses offered in Bachelor of Architecture. In the first year, the focus is generally on the basics of design element and the usage of tools etc. With the progressing years, the coursework becomes more extensive and detailed.

Architecture is one of the highest-paid fields and the job market is rather lucrative. After getting a Bachelors of Architecture you can work with Architectural and Engineering services, construction companies, offices of real estate agents and brokers. For median-level jobs in architecture, the average pay is around $57,000 which is relatively higher than other professions.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which schools offer the architecture bachelor online?

A:There are several schools offering the Bachelor of Architecture online. These include Academy of Art University, South University Online, ITT Technical Institute, Drexel University, Purdue University, University of Pennsylvania, Texas A&M University, and International Academy of Design and Technology.

Q:I have done my Bachelor of Architecture degree program from England. Do I have to study the course again or can I opt for the masters degree readily?

A:If the Bachelor Of Architecture Degree that you have complies with the Architecture Registration Examination (ARE) of the United States, you can simply apply for the Masters of Architecture degree here. However, you may be asked to give the English proficiency test such as TOEFL.

Q:While looking for bachelors degree online Architecture, I came across Bachelor of Architecture program. Can you brief me in it?

A:I think you meant Bachelor in Architecture Studies online instead of Bachelors degree online Architecture. Bachelor in Architecture Studies is a four year program consisting of an extensive curriculum. The coursework includes a history of architectural ideas, technology & the environment, communications & introduction to ICT, landscape design, modular building and intensive design.

Q:Vernacular Architecture was mentioned with BS in architecture online. What would I learn in this course?

A:Vernacular Architecture is an integral part of the BS in architecture online program. The course is usually worth 3 credit hours and deals with the traditions of vernacular architecture. With the help of this course, students also learn about construction methods, cultural expression, patterns of settlement and different methods of research and analysis. There is huge potential for students interested in this qualification.

Q:What is the selection criteria and duration of BS architecture online?

A:Bachelor of Architecture takes about four-years to complete, this time may vary if you are pursuing this degree online. You will also require at least 120 credit points for the successful completion of this degree program. For the first three years of the bachelors degree program, students focus on the theoretical aspects and history of the subject at hand. The last year is all about practical studio work. The enrollment requirement for this degree program is a high school diploma or an ACT or SAT scores.

Q:What is the best thing to do with a architectural design bachelors degree?

A:Graduates with a bachelor's degree in architectural design usually work with architectural and engineering services, offices of real estate agents, construction companies, and brokers. a job in architecture is one of the highly paid jobs. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of architects was $73,090 in May 2012.

Q:What can I do with a Bachelors in Architecture?

A:A bachelors degree in architecture will open the doors to a number of entry-level career opportunities. You can pursue jobs as technical illustrators, architectural historian, building researcher, assistants, and more. To become a licensed architect, it is important for you to hold at least a masters degree. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Why is it important to select an accredited bachelor of science in architecture?

A:If you are looking for a bachelor's degree in architecture, it is best to look for accredited programs. There are a number of reasons why you must go for an accredited program. Major reasons include quality of education and better career prospects. Accredited programs give you the required knowledge and skills, and employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs.

Q:Where can I easily enroll in an online Bachelors Architecture degree?

A:There are many institutes offering online degree programs in architecture. The admission criteria will vary from place to place. It is important that you have completed your high school diploma with a satisfactory CGPA score. You will need a laptop/PC and an internet connection to qualify for admission in an online program.

Q:What are the career prospects of an Architecture Bachelors degree?

A:After earning an architecture bachelors degree one can get a rewarding job in architecture. Graduates can work with an architectural or service engineering companies, construction companies, real estate agent offices, or brokers. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of architects was $73,090 in May 2012.

Q:Can I pursue a Bachelor Architecture degree online?

A:Yes, a number of online institutes now offer bachelor's degrees in architecture. The essential curriculum of online architecture degree is usually the same as campus-based degrees. Additionally, online programs offer certain benefits to students. These programs usually cost less than campus based programs. Also, these programs enable students to follow a flexible learning schedule.

Q:Do you have any information about a Ba Architecture degree?

A:A bachelor of arts in architecture is an undergraduate program. It is designed to prepare individuals for careers as an architect. Students will cover a wide range of subjects related to the field. The coursework will be theoretical and practical in nature. It is necessary to have at least a bachelor degree to qualify for the career of an architect.

Q:Ba in Architecture programs will teach me about what?

A:A bachelor degree in architecture will teach you about the various fundamental concepts about building and spaces. You will learn about various architectural techniques, building processes, designs, technology and tools, and more. This degree has been designed to prepare students for careers as architects and designers. For more information, browse through our page.

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