How to Become An IT Manager

IT managers are professionals who manage all computer-related activities of a company. Also known as Computer and Information System Managers, they are responsible for negotiating with product vendors, managing software updates, system administration and making sure that the company’s IT structure is secure. They also supervise all the IT workers. Most of the IT managers work on-site, however some work remotely. These professionals are expected to have a formal education.

Should I Become an IT Manager?                       

The field for IT managers is expected to experience a high growth of 11% in the years from 2018 to 2028, as per data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you are passionate about computers and electronics, and think you have what it takes to succeed in this sector, you might want to consider becoming an IT manager.

The following table provides a quick look into the career of an IT manager.                                                     

Education Required

Bachelor’s Degree

Major Requirement

Computer Science/IT





Key Skills

Analytical Skills, Business Skills, Communication Skills, Decision Making Skills, Leadership Skills, Organizational Skills

Annual Mean Salary (2018)

$152,860 (Computer and Information Systems Managers)

Job Outlook (2018- 2028)

11% (Computer and Information Systems Managers)

 Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Requirements

Aspiring IT managers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field like Computer Science or IT. Some employers prefer candidates who have a Master’s degree. IT Managers are experts who know how to deal with all computer related activities. Along with their expertise in computers, they are required to have analytical and communications skills so that they can analyze problems and communicate it to their team members. They should know how to allocate resources in the best possible way. These professionals are also expected to be excellent coordinators and leaders. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean salary of an IT Manager was $152,860 in 2018. Their job growth is much faster than all other occupations.

How to Become an IT Manager?

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

To become an IT manager, a student should earn a Bachelor’s degree. Programs like Information Technology or Computer Science are the standard for this field. Different technical topics like server applications, wireless systems and network fundamentals are covered in these programs. Courses like technical writing, math and project management are also offered.

  1. Experience

Professionals who want to become IT managers have to gain experience from different entry level jobs. Earning the required experience makes them a potential candidate for the position of a manager. A few entry level jobs include database administrator, computer programmer, information security analyst, software developer, network system administrator, etc. Those who have previous experience are usually given preference by employers. Aspiring IT Managers are also recommended to train new IT professionals or interns. This helps them manage their staff well in the future.

  1. Obtain Your Certificate

Along with the experience, professionals also need a certificate to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in systems, applications and software programs. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Apple offer these certification programs. Vendor-neutral credentials are offered by industry groups like Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). They offer certification at basic, supervisory, master and professional levels.

  1. Continuing Education

Once you get a certificate, it is important to maintain it by completing continuing education credits.

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