How to Become A Network Designer

Network designers are also known as computer network architects. They design the architecture of a computer network and also ensure its safety.

Should I Become a Network Designer in the US?

If you are interested in the field of computer network design or architecture, then read the following article to learn how to join the profession.

Education Required

A bachelor’s degree

Major Requirement

Computer engineering, Computer science, etc.


Depends on the job requirements


Depends on the employer

Key Skills

Strong analytical ability, Strong mathematical skills, Meticulous, etc.

Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National

$115,110 (Computer Network Architects)

Job Outlook (2019-2029)

5% (Computer Network Architects)

  Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Outlook

Computer network architects are expected to enjoy a 5% growth in employment opportunities between 2019 and 2029.

Steps to Become a Network Designer in the US

You will have to complete the following steps to become a network designer in the US:

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

You will have to get an accredited bachelor’s degree in computer sciences, computer engineering, and information systems, etc. A bachelor's degree is the minimum education you need to get a job.

Get a Master’s Degree

You can also apply for a master’s degree because better educational credentials will help you land a job and get better career advancement opportunities. Some employers also prefer candidates to have an MBA in addition to a computer science degree.

Get Work Experience

A lot of employers in the US nowadays prefer candidates to have a certain amount of experience in a related field before they are hired as network architects.

Get Certification

A lot of professional organizations and companies in the US offer certifications in network administration and network architecture. It is always advisable to get a certification or two because that will show potential employers your level of interest in the job.

Duration to Become a Network Designer in the US

It will take you around 4 to 6 years to become a network designer in the US if you decide to go for a bachelor’s degree and there are no work experience requirements to be met.

Requirements to Become a Network Designer in the US

1-     Get a bachelor’s degree.

2-     Get a master’s degree.

3-     Complete work experience requirements.

4-     Get certification.

How Much Can I Earn as a Network Designer in the US?

Computer Network Architects earned $115,110 as mean annual income in the US in the year 2019. This information has been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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