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Careers in Data Analysis

Major sectors for careers in data analysis

Careers in data analysis are available in almost every field but the most popular ones include:

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Power
  • Government
  • Non-profits

Careers in data analysis in finance involve working at banks and insurance companies. Such firms generate a very large amount of data related to investment quantities, returns and default rate. They thus offer careers in data analysis to those interested in compiling the data to drive the strategic decisions of the firm.

The power sectors and other utilities where outage time must be tracked also employ data analysis. Careers in data analysis can also be found in the government and non-profit sectors where a large quantity of demographic data is collected and needs to be analyzed to drive future policy planning.

Educational programs that help in careers in data analysis

Many institutions offer a bachelor’s degree in data analysis that prepares you for a variety of jobs. Other schools offer certificate programs in different fields that may serve as a good preparation for careers in data analysis. For careers in data analysis, courses that deal with databases, statistics, data mining, query languages and Microsoft excel would be suitable as preparatory instruction.

Jobs for those interested in careers in data analysis

The finance sector tends to provide various jobs for careers in data analysis. These jobs have excellent prospects for career growth and compensation. The finance sector looks to hire people who have strong skills in modeling, forecasting and data mining. They are also keen to hire those who have a demonstrated interest in finance and the markets. Telecommunications providers are also able to provide a number of jobs for those interested in careers in data analysis. These jobs are based on the huge amount of data related to connections, advertisements and call drops that is generated in the field. There are careers in data analysis for those professionals who can help the firms sort through all this data and develop metrics for aspects such as call quality and customer retention.

Specializations for careers in data analysis

Specialization is a great way to set yourself apart for being considered for more advanced roles in data analysis. Perhaps the most sought-after skill in data analysis at present is data mining. This involves taking advantage of the power of massive computers to identify trends and compile analyses. Other popular specializations involve the use of specific software like Oracle or SPSS.

Statistics for careers in data analysis

There are a number of careers in data analysis that you can opt for after earning the relevant degrees. O*NET Online further states that data mining professionals such as statisticians and clinical data managers earn a median annual salary of $75,560 and data warehousing specialists taking home $81,140 annually as of 2012. As you accumulate experience in the field and develop more specialized skills through certifications and self-study, you will find that careers in data analysis have the potential compensate you with higher wages. Employment growth prospects for careers in data analysis also remain strong. As demand for data analysis continues to grow with the explosion of data available to analyze, growth in the field is projected at a rate range of 9%-19% as reported by O*NET.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:In the career growth in the field of Data Analytics, there is heavy mention of the course on Systems Analysis and Design. What is taught in this course?

A:Career growth in the field of Data Analytics is immense if you have a strong hold of the Systems Analysis and Design course. This 3 credits worth course will train you on how to select and prepare the apt computer system for database collection and analysis. Examination of the environmental development of the computer systems is also involved as well as the structuring of human interfaces.

Q:What is data analysis careers?

A:Data analysts are professionals who analyze data to evaluate risks, identify trends, and extract meaningful information that a company can use to improve performance. These professionals in high demand nowadays. To become a data analyst, you can equip yourself with a degree in this field. Many individuals are pursing data analyst careers in different industries.

Q:Can you tell me something about data analysis online careers?

A:Data analysis is a growing career field. Many organizations require data analysts who manage and interpret data for various objectives. From predicting sales trends to consumer tastes, data can be used in many ways to derive forecasts. With a degree or certification in data analysis, one can qualify for the job role of a data analyst.

Q:What are data analysis careers like?

A:Data analysts are professionals who sort and sift through company data and forecast trends. These professionals are in great demand in a number of industries. Information can be used in many different ways that can prove to be profitable for companies. You can take a look at our page for more information about data analyst careers.

Q:Can you give me a little details about data analysis career?

A:Data analysts are professionals who analyze organizational data and search for trends that can be used for forecasting. Many organizations are looking for experts in this field who can carefully mine data and come up with useful information. Individuals who are interested in this field can prepare themselves with the help of data analyst degree programs.

Q:Please tell me about Careers Data Analysis?

A:Data analysis careers are growing fast due to increased business intelligence, logistics, and marketing. With so much data available, organizations are constantly on the hunt for professionals who can sift through data and come up with useful findings and forecasts. According to the US News and world report, data analysts rank among the leading occupations.

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