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Bachelors in Data Analysis

The Bachelor of Science in data science helps students acquire knowledge and skills in the emerging field of data science. This is an interdisciplinary program that provides academic training in programming, quantitative, and problem-solving skills for data-intensive fields such as computer science, economics, and many others. The Job outlook for computer and information research scientists is projected to grow by 15% from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics). So earning the bachelor’s degree in data science can be a suitable choice for increasing career prospects in this area.

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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

The bachelor of data science typically takes 4 years to complete. The duration of the program may vary by the enrolment status, so can be shorter or longer. Students in this program learn how to manage the big data for organizations. Candidates also find out how to process at data and spot trends.

The programs helps students develop a business acumen and also acquire skills that will not just address business issues, but also help them target the right problems that have the most relevance to the organization.

Students enrolled in this undergraduate degree will get a chance to understand the mathematical and statistical foundations of data science. Besides, they also get to know how to choose and apply appropriate data analysis techniques to numerous tasks and implement algorithms for data aggregation, cleaning, and analysis.

Program Coursework

The bachelor’s degree in data science may include instruction in mathematical data science,economic data science and computational data science. The program focuses on statistical modeling, data mining, business analytics, and scientific visualization. Classes are available in business practices and trends, designing database systems and data communications and networking. Student may receive instruction in IT project management, emerging technologies anddatabase management systems among other areas of study.

Admissions Requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enroll in the BS in data science. Having a background in mathematics can be useful. Besides, students may have to submit ACT and SAT math score. Other requirements may vary by school.

Online Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Students who want to work towards a bachelor of science in data science can also take the online route. The online degrees in this area of study can be useful for those who want get into the field of data science but cannot make it to campus-based programs due to personal or professional commitments.

As the online programs are self-paced, they can be useful for working professionals who want to acquire skills for a new career as well as the ones who want to advance their knowledge in data science.

Career Prospects

The career outlook for data scientists is very favorable as more and more businessesrequire the services of these professionals to manage their data for future endeavors. Graduates of a bachelor of science in data science can work with computer systems design and related services, research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences field as well as software publishers. Jobs are also available in colleges, universities, and professional schools.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me about the data analyst requirements?

A:If you plan to become a data analyst, you will need to have at least an undergraduate degree. You can opt for a bachelors degree in in a related field such as computer science or data analytics. To qualify for advanced job positions, it is recommended you continue your education and earn a masters degree as well.

Q:What can you do with a data analysis bachelor degree?

A:A bachelors degree in data analysis can lead to several career paths in a diverse variety of sectors. You could find employment as a database administrator, information systems manager, IT consultant, network engineer, multimedia programmer, IT technical support officer, systems developer, applications developer, management consultant and IT sales professional.

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