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Overview of Field

MBA in Business Management prepares students for leadership roles in a wide variety of sectors. Those who have graduated with an MBA in Business Management end up working in sectors such as those of government, education, technology retail and non-profit .

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Structure and duration of the degree program

The duration of an MBA in Business Management varies according to the university and the respective degree requirements. Certain students find that they are only able to pursue it part-time as their professional engagements alongside the program cannot be compromised. Such students may take longer to complete the program requirements.

Highlights of the coursework

The students in the first year of the MBA in Business Management are generally taking core courses. These cover fundamental concepts such as operations research, human resource management and various aspects of sales and marketing. It is in the second year where students may opt for elective courses. Students usually don't prefer to limit their electives in one particular area and so take a mix of courses in finance and marketing.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

You may apply for an MBA in Business Management after getting some work experience following your undergraduate degree. It is possible for students to get accepted with minimal job experience if they have strong credentials. You may also need to maintain passing grades in all courses to graduate from MBA in Business Management.

Career prospects and average salary

The MBA in Business Management offers a lot of variety in career options. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates who choose to become management specialists or Administrative services managers have median annual salaries of $78,600 and $81,080 respectively as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is the MBA in Business Management course?

A:Traditionally, the MBA in Business Management program takes about 2 years. However, it depends upon the type of MBA you are pursuing such as the Accelerated MBA takes 18 months, Executive MBA can take up to 3 years and the Online MBA is totally up to your own speed.

Q:Which courses are taught in the MBA of Business Management?

A:The courses may vary depending on the specialization area. The commonly taught courses include sales, marketing, human resource management, finance and economics. The coursework comprises of class discussions and exercises that can improve your knowledge effectively and prepare you to work in the corporate world.

Q:What is the duration of MBA Business Management Program?

A:Typically, the duration of these programs is up to 2 years. It may take 3-5 years to complete this degree through Part-time MBA program.

Q:What areas are offered for specialization in various business management and MBA degree programs?

A:Students enrolled in MBA degree programs of business management courses can choose a certain area to specialize in. The various subjects offered for specialization vary from school to school. Generally, the following topics are available for concentration: human resource management, marketing, accounting and finance, chain supply management, entrepreneurship, promotion, hospitality and tourism, information technology, communications, healthcare management, and many more.

Q:How do I pick out the best from all the business management mba schools?

A:While there are a large number of Business Management MBA schools out there, you need to ask yourself the following questions before you make a final choice: 1. Can you afford the tuition fees? 2. Is the school accredited and do the degrees offered hold any value in the job market? 3. Will you be able to make travel/living arrangements accordingly? 4. Does the school offer the exact degree or specialization you are looking for? As long as you can answer all these questions with a 'yes', you know you're making the right choice.

Q:Can you please tell me what is taught in the Microeconomics course of the MBA in Business?

A:The MBA in Business degree programs all over the United States have dedicated courses on Microeconomics. These courses are designed to offer the students with dedicated understanding of the microeconomics and functioning of the individual,l markets. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is completed in around 3 weeks.

Q:Is online master business administration a good idea?

A:Yes, a master in business administration is a very good choice and it will enhance your career growth. If you are looking to work in senior management positions, a master's degree is the way to go. An online degree has several advantages of its own as it allows students to study when they want.

Q:What is MBA in business management?

A:The MBA of Business Management degree course is about training students to become leaders in their chosen field of work. Professionals with this degree can effectively work in just about any field but they preferably end up in jobs in government, education, technology retail and various non-profit sector. In this degree course students are given an in-depth knowledge of operations research, human resource strategy and different aspects of sale and marketing.

Q:Will one of the management MBA programs be able to proceed more quickly in my career?

A:Certainly a MBA will demonstrate to your employer, and future employers, that you are committed to your career as a business manager. However, the emphasis put on formal education varies from employer to employer and this will reflect whether or not your employer rewards you with promotion or cash reward for obtaining your MBA.

Q:Why is the certificate in business administration online taken up by those already working in this field?

A:Certificate in business administration helps those already in the field to be updated with the latest business practices and gives them the edge which is necessary in the business world. Online course works out as the best option for professionals as it allows them the flexibility to pursue the course at their own convenience.

Q:What is a mba in business administration?

A:An MBA in business administration degree program is a masters level degree that is offered by business schools all over the world. MBA degree holders are greatly respected and are in high demand by business organizations. MBA programs are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge about business strategies, business plans, financial management, and managerial theories.

Q:How do i get in mba school after graduated with bs in business?

A:If you want to pursue higher education and enroll in an MBA school, you will have to fulfill a few admission requirements. These may vary from school to school. However, it is important that you have a bachelor degree in hand with at least 2.5 as a CGPA. You may also have top provide a few letters of recommendation and pass the GMAT test.

Q:Are MBA management degrees available online?

A:An MBA degree in management can be earned online via online business schools. You can search online to find out which popular business schools are offering MBA programs. Online programs can be completed in less time and cost little. You can study from any location and complete the coursework at your own pace.

Q:How can I find best MBA in Business Management?

A:To get a good MBA degree in Business Management, thoroughly research all accredited institutions and schools and decide which meet your personal requirements. The duration of an MBA in Business Management varies according to the university and the respective degree requirements. You may apply for an MBA in Business Management after getting some work experience following your undergraduate degree.

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