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Retail Careers

Retail is the process of selling products to consumers while merchandising involves strategizing, predicting consumer trends, as well as, pricing, promoting and marketing products. There are a multitude of products available in the marketplace. Companies require those with expertise in retail and merchandising to ensure consumers choose the product they offer as opposed to that of a competitor. Competition is cut-throat and in order to achieve the goal of profitability, it is necessary for businesses to employ those with formal training in the area to help them meet that challenge.

A retailing and merchandising professional buys finished goods from manufacturers for the purpose of re-selling it through their own company. A retail expert will need to be able to predict consumer demand for products and ensure the shipments arrive on time. They also need to price and promote these products.

Retail and Merchandising Careers

Any company where products are being sold to consumers is a potential employer of retail and merchandising professionals. Such experts can find employment with boutiques, as well as with small and large department stores. With the prevalent use of the Internet there are now online retailing options available too. In large businesses, retail and merchandising experts may be responsible for one or a few types of merchandising. In smaller businesses such a professional would be responsible for buying the entire range of products sold. 

There are a wide range of positions available to those who graduate from retail and merchandising related programs. Careers in retail and merchandising can lead to roles such as:

  • Purchasing manager
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Retail operations manager
  • Retail merchandise manager
  • Fashion merchandising manager
  • Advertising manager

Retail and merchandising professionals can earn between 30,000 to 65,000 US dollars on average, depending on the level of education and experience. Senior management positions can become available as more experience is acquired in the field, leading to higher salaries.


Retail and Merchandising Degrees and Programs

In order to build a successful career in the retail industry, it is important to gain formal training in the area. There are Associate, Bachelor and Master level programs relevant to retail, merchandising and sales management, available to choose from. You can pick from programs focusing primarily on retail management and merchandising or choose a program that offers the subject as a concentration. The building of careers in retail and management can be helped by enrolling in programs such as:

  • Associate in Fashion Merchandising
  • BS in Retail Management
  • BS in Sales and Sales Management
  • BBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in Retail Management

 Students in retail and merchandising programs learn to analyze markets and consumer behavior. They are taught various subjects including pricing strategies, advertising and promotion techniques, merchandise planning, logistics and buying. Supply chain management is also part of the program curriculum. Some programs also offer courses related to fashion merchandising and marketing.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How many credits are there in the MBA careers in Retail?

A:The MBA programs in retail have about 60 credits.

Q:What are the most common Merchandising careers?

A:The common Merchandising careers include: ,Purchasing manager, Sales manager, Marketing manager, Retail operations manager, Retail merchandise manager, Fashion merchandising manager and Advertising manager.

Q:What are the most common Merchandising jobs?

A:The most common Merchandising jobs are * Purchasing manager * Sales manager * Marketing manager * Retail operations manager * Retail merchandise manager * Fashion merchandising manager * Advertising manager

Q:How much can I earn in Retail Merchandising jobs?

A:Retail Merchandising jobs can offer you around 30,000 to 65,000 US dollars.

Q:How much can I earn in Merchandising in Retail?

A:You can earn 30,000 to 65,000 US dollars per annum in Merchandising in Retail careers.

Q:How much can I earn in Retail Careers?

A:You can earn 30,000 to 65,000 US dollars on average in Retail careers.

Q:How long is the Masters in Retailing Merchandising?

A:The Masters in Retailing Merchandising is a 2 years program. You can complete these programs through campus based or online schools

Q:Are there any Retail Management courses colleges?

A:Yes. There are a number of schools and colleges offering the Retail Management courses. You can browse through our website and find quite a few. They offer the retail management courses in their online programs at bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. Here are the names of some of the most common such institutes: Penn Foster College.

Q:What are the various job positions that fall in the category of careers in retail and merchandising?

A:Careers in retail and merchandising are growing steadily. Individuals can seek different job positions in this field such as the following: marketing manager, merchandising manager, sales analyst, purchase manager, and more. The educational requirements will depend upon the job. Take a look at our page for more information about Careers in retail and merchandising.

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