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Retail Management Bachelor Degree Programs

Enrolling in a bachelor of retail and merchandising program enables students to increase their chances of pursuing challenging careers in end-consumer business. Students in these programs learn about buying stocks, managing inventory, predicting consumer trends as well as pricing products.

Knowledge related to retail operations and brand management is what learners acquire by enrolling in bachelor of retail and merchandising programs. Earning these degrees allow students to become eligible for applying for a wide array of job options.

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The Scope of Bachelor of Retail and Merchandising Degree Programs
Bachelor of retail and merchandising degree programs may require 4 years to complete, but many students are able to complete these programs in less or more than this time. There are several campus based and online schools that offer these training programs. Students learn how to analyze markets and predict consumer behavior. Some of the courses covered in the bachelor of retail and merchandizing program are:

  • Logistics
  • Buying
  • Fashion marketing and merchandising
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Marketing techniques
  • Advertising
  • Distribution

Career Outlook
Students can choose from a wide variety of career options after completing bachelor of retail and merchandising degree programs. They can work as:
  • Marketing managers
  • Retail operations managers
  • Advertising managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sales managers

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Wholesale and Retail Buyers have an annual median wage of $51,470 as of May 2012.

Bachelor of Retail and Merchandising Degree Programs Online
Other than the campus based programs, students can also choose to earn bachelor of retail and merchandising degrees online. Online programs are more flexible than the regular degree programs in this area of specialization. Also, they are more cost effective than the campus based bachelor of retail and merchandising programs.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long are the MBA programs in Merchandising?

A:Typically, the duration of these programs is 2 years. Students have the option of completing these programs through campus-based or online formats. Online programs provide learners with the ease of completing their education at their own pace.

Q:What type of courses are covered in the Retail Management degree programs?

A:Retail management programs are mostly offered at undergraduate level and their curriculum is designed to train students in a variety of areas such as: retail promotion, retail buying, consumer behavior, apparel evaluation, apparel analysis and promotion, and retail facility design and planning. These courses can enhance the knowledge base of students and also sets foundation for master level degrees in the field.

Q:As I read about the Bachelor program in Retail Management, there was mention of the course on Marketing Principles. Can you tell me more about this course?

A:The Bachelor program in Retail Management in the United States offers a dedicated course on Marketing Management. This 4 credits worth course is designed to provide the students with an introduction to the marketing concepts as well as the different roles of marketing in helping the managers and entrepreneurs make the wise decisions. It also covers the most basic strategies of marketing.

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