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Careers in IT Management

Major sectors for careers in IT management
While all sectors require some form of IT management to deploy in-house email and telecommunication systems, there are some sectors that hire people for specialized careers in IT management.
  • IT management jobs in financial institutions generally involve developing in-house systems to track employee performance and facilitate teamwork and cooperation.
  • Utility Companies often purchase readymade packages but seek professionals pursuing careers in IT management to deploy and maintain the packages.
  • Educational centers, the government and non-profit setups all make heavy use of IT management to facilitate communication between people and maintain records of activity.
Educational programs that prepare you for careers in IT management

Featured Programs

Some of the most popular programs in IT management are the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These degrees are focused on project skills and will teach you all the technical skills that are required for managing IT setups in corporations. You may find that a more broad-based degree in computer science or management information systems may serve you just as well. In all cases, some practical work experience in managing IT systems is a huge plus in being able to secure your first job.

Jobs and careers in IT management
The most sought-after jobs tend to be those offered by the financial sector. While these are not front-office jobs, they provide exposure to major functions in banks and financial institutions. This background may be ideal for those who wish to eventually move into sales and trading. Some of the best careers in IT management are achieved by those who employ their experience into setting up private consultancies.

Specializations available to those who seek careers in IT management
There are many specializations available to those who have decided to make a career in IT management. The most popular specializations relate to practical applications of IT management. This includes database management and telecommunications infrastructure deployment. Other people specialize in sales support which prepares them for careers in which they develop a working relationship with clients.

An emerging specialization in IT management is the field of analytics. Analytics is the science of analyzing large data sets to uncover trends that may assist in the process of making business decisions. Those who pursue this specialization are required to develop deep knowledge in software structures, data analysis and management information systems.

Statistics for careers in IT management
Careers in IT management are a great choice for those with an aptitude for using computers in practical situations. IT management requires an understanding of both computing and business principles. It is a key skill in virtually every sector of the economy. The annual median salary for computer and information technology managers is $120,950 as of May 2012, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The related job growth rate as estimated by the BLS is 18% between 2010 - 2020. There are also chances for growth for those who demonstrate an aptitude for management. As the role of IT in the global economy grows, employment prospects also abound.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While browsing through the IT Management careers, I read about the course on Systems Analysis. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Systems Analysis while reading on the IT Management careers. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the environment of the development of computer systems. This course also highlights on the determination of the requirements of structure systems.

Q:-Career In IT Management can be pursued in which different categories?

A:IT management careers are a on the rise nowadays. IT management jobs are available in the following sectors: Business IT, IT alignment, IT governance, outsourcing, It configuration management, IT financial management and IT project management. These career paths offer many entry level and advanced level jobs for individuals with IT qualifications.

Q:Is an associate qualification enough to get started in an IT management career?

A:An associate degree in IT management will qualify you for entry level and assistant level jobs in the industry. The program focuses on fundamental concept building and skill enhancement. If you want to prepare for high paying managerial jobs in the IT sector, you should have at least a bachelor degree in the field or a certification.

Q:Can you tell me about careers with it management degrees?

A:With a degree in information technology, individuals can look forward to a number of high paying careers. Since the field of technology is expanding, the demand for skilled individuals is on the rise. Networking, security, administration, and configuration management are a few of the main areas in IT. The job position will depend upon the degree level and area of specialization.

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