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Bachelor IT Management

Information Technology (IT) Management; an overview

Information technology management is the application of information technology that supports the functions and activities of both businesses and institutions. IT management is therefore an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the fusion of business management, technology and information systems.

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IT management professionals may assume various roles in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and manufacturing sectors of the economy.

Learning outcomes

A degree in IT management has the following objectives.

  • To teach students the use of information systems to solve business problems
  • To make students learn the use of management of technology which includes enterprise management and new product development
  • Assess the principle and practices of IT project planning, information security, information systems, local area networks, and database systems
  • Identify the legal issues related to information technology at the workplace and in society
  • Apply principles of  IT management in a modern organization
  • Examine the rise of e-commerce, and influences of technology on the conduct of business operations
  • Integrate theory and practice of IT management with principles of marketing, strategic planning, operations, finance, and business management
  • Interpret fundamental computer science concepts and apply computer applications to enhance productivity

Bachelor IT Management

Program structure

A bachelor's degree in IT management prepares students to efficiently manage and control the workings of an organization by employing effective information technology tools. Students learn problem-solving skills and apply computer-based solutions to solve problems faced by businesses every day.


Students can select from one of the following concentrations to develop expertise in a specific area of IT management which may help them become more attractive to potential employers upon graduation.

  • Digital Retail Strategies
  • Database Management
  • Web Design and Management
  • Network and Systems Management
  • Project Management
  • Information Security Management


Degree may be awarded upon successful completion of at least 120 credit hours. Full-time students can graduate in 4 years. The program’s requirements are divided into:

  • Core requirements
  • General electives
  • General education
  • Major requirements

Core requirements

  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Internet Concepts
  • Contemporary Internet Topics
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Basic Productivity Applications
  • IT Security: Risk Management
  • Local Area Network Technologies
  • Management Information Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Principles of E Business


Admission Requirements

  • SAT/ACT scores
  • Essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume

Online Bachelor IT Management

If you are a working professional who cannot make time for on campus classes, then consider enrolling in the undergraduate program online. You may be able to complete all course requirements online and from the comfort of your home. You may further make your own schedule. Online degree programs usually allow their students additional time (in addition to the traditional 4-year undergraduate programs) to complete their degree. Admission requirements may also be less stringent; SAT/ACT scores may not be required for admission, etc.

Career prospects

Upon the completion of the degree, graduates may be eligible to apply for a variety of positions both in public and private sectors. The following is not an exhaustive list of positions that the graduates may apply for.

  • Webmasters
  • Application Developers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • Technology Project Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Information Technology Specialists

Information Systems Managers

They plan, direct and coordinate computer-based activities in an organization. Information systems managers identify the IT goals of an organization and then implement computer systems to meet those goals.

A majority of information systems managers work in the computer systems design services, management, information, and finance and insurance sectors of the economy. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that information systems managers earned a median yearly salary of $120,950 in 2012. These managers had a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of work experience. The future job outlook for the professionals is bright; BLS predicts 15% faster job growth in the sector as compared to the average for all other occupations from 2012 to 2022.


Also called web developers, they design and create websites. In addition to the design of the site, webmasters are also responsible for its smooth running.
A majority of webmasters work in computer systems design and related services. An advantage of being a webmaster remains the self-employment option. Some webmasters work for themselves.

BLS reports that webmasters earned a median yearly salary of $62,500 in 2012. These professionals have an associate’s degree; a bachelor’s degree in IT management may therefore improve chances of employment. The future job outlook for professionals is bright; BLS predicts 20% faster job growth in the sector as compared to the average job growth for all other occupations from 2012 to 2022.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is taught in the Basic Web Design curriculum for Bachelor of IT Management?

A:The Basic Web Design course in the curriculum for Bachelor of IT Management introduces the higher education students to the ways of making a professional website using basic and hand-coded HTML. Embedded graphics as well as interactive commands techniques are also used in it. Students are also sometimes required to develop a website of their own.

Q:Which industry certifications can help me with my study of the Bachelor of IT over internet?

A:You can give ample support and expedience to the Bachelor of IT over internet by industry certifications such as Microsoft (MCSA, MCSD and MCP), CompTIA – A+, Linux, ITIL, HDA and CISSP.

Q:Most of the Bachelor in IT Management degree programs have the Systems Analysis and Design course. Can you please fill me in as to what are the contents of this course?

A:In the United States, the Bachelor in IT Management degree program has an advanced and extensive course on Systems Analysis and Design. This course is designed to help students examine the computer systems, the development environment that they have and also select and thoroughly plan the system with the help of operation and implementation. Students further learn how to structure and determine the requirements of the system and design the various databases and human interfaces.

Q:Name a few online schools which are offering online bachelor IT management degree programs?

A:The bachelor degree in IT management incorporates various aspects of business administration and information technology. Students can opt to enroll in this degree program online through numerous online schools. Popular online schools offering this degree are: Capella University, Bryant and Stratton College, Berkeley College, Colorado Technical University Online, Golden Gate University Online, Daniel Webster College, and Kaplan University Online.

Q:Give me information on bachelors in IT management?

A:A bachelor in IT management is a popular degree as a lot of fields rely on IT therefore it promises bright prospects in terms of finding job opportunities. Bachelors in IT management would cover computer and systems management, networking, data management and taking care of all IT related operations in an organization. It has different fields of specializations.

Q:How is a bachelors in it management pursued through online schools?

A:Online education is the new trend in higher learning. Students simply need a laptop and an internet connection to enroll in an online program. The program is covered through online lectures, classroom conferences, and video tutorials. Students can study at their own pace and not have to worry about travelling to a class.

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