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Careers in Business

A high-flying career in the field of international business has always been the dream of job seekers around the globe. With the recent upturn in the business activity, there is an abundance of lucrative jobs in the US for business graduates. With fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and public relations, there are unlimited possibilities to thrive and succeed in today’s business world. A career in the business requires you to be creative and innovative, two character traits that are commonly found among successful people working in this field.

Popular Careers in Business
There are countless career options available to business degree graduates in the U.S. Below is the list and a brief description of some of the most popular business careers among the newly graduated college students.

Accounting is considered to be among one of the most highly desirable career paths in today’s business world. It is commonly referred to as the language of business all over the world. This highly specialized field is all about number-crunching and requires future accountants to be well-versed in advanced mathematical theories and its applications. An accountant’s main job is to provide up-to-date information on a company’s financial condition, and to help shareholders, company heads and employees make informed decisions about their company’s future.

Some of the most common careers in the field of accounting are:

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Auditing
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Taxation
The rapidly growing business field has opened doors to a diverse range of careers in business.
Careers in Business

Marketing is another such business career path which has become really popular amongst U.S business degree graduates. Marketing as a field can be extremely challenging at times, especially in the case of multi-billion dollar American blue chip companies, who rely on their marketing workforce to come up with unique ideas to enhance their company revenues.

Popular careers in the marketing world include:

  • Brand Management
  • Market Research
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Retailing

Human Resources
Human resources at a company’s disposal are considered to be its real strength. The department involved in hiring and firing of workers needs to be efficient and well-managed in order to serve the needs of a growing multi-national organization. Some of the tasks undertaken by people working in the human resources department include recruitment, compensation, workforce management, planning and evaluation of human resources besides many other tasks.

In today’s world, it has become necessary for corporations of all sizes to have human resource specialists in their team, to make sure that the organization is running in a smooth and effective manner.

Information Systems
Information systems are a highly important domain within the business world. In recent years, due its increasing demand in the business world, information systems have become an integral part of most businesses around the world. Considering the ever increasing importance of information in today’s business world, there has been a drastic upward trend seen in hiring of new information systems specialists to serve the ever changing needs of today’s business world.

Some popular careers within the field of information systems are:

  • Information Systems Management
  • Information Systems Development
  • Information Systems Strategy



Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the importance of marketing research in business degree programs offered to students?

A:Marketing research is a major course included in all business degree programs, such as BBA and MBA. The importance of marketing research in business degree programs has always increased with the passage of time; this core course defines how business opportunities can be pursued in the real world. It sheds light on the procedures through which individuals can explore and create business ideas for consumers. Marketing research helps students predict market gaps and consumer trends, preparing them to become great marketers in the future.

Q:As I browsed through all careers in business, there was mention of the course on Money & Banking. What is taught in this course?

A:It is common to see much mention of the course on Money & Banking while going through all careers in Business. This course is usually of 4 credits in total and is basically a study of the monetary economics, keeping in mind the international slant. Complete coverage of the financial system and the behavioral interest rates are also included.

Q:Can you tell me about popular careers in business please?

A:With a business degree, you can pursue a career in a variety of fields such as accounting, marketing, and human resources and in formations systems. In the field of accounting, you can go into Financial Forecasting, Auditing, Financial Management, Information Management and Taxation while in the field of marketing, you can go into brand management, Market Research, Advertising, Public Relations or retailing. There are a wide variety of career options to choose from.

Q:If I become a human resource manager as a part of career in business, how much can I earn?

A:According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for human resource managers is positive, with BLS predicting a projected growth of 13 per cent for human resource managers from 2012 to 2022, a rate that is about as fast as the average for all occupations. With regard to pay, according to BLS, the median annual wage for human resources managers was $99,720 in May 2012.

Q:What are some of the most popular careers in the business field?

A:There is a diverse range of careers in the business field including those in accounting, marketing and human resource management. Some of the careers in accounting include auditing, financial forecasting, financial management, information forecasting, and taxation. Careers in marketing include careers related to market research, advertising, brand management, public relations, and retailing.

Q:What are different careers in business that I can prepare for?

A:By earning a degree in business, you can prepare for various managerial and administrative careers. You can choose to specialize in fields such as marketing, finance, human resource management, and even supply chain management. A bachelor degree in business will qualify you for entry level careers whereas a masters degree will help you qualify for more high-paying jobs.

Q:I have been looking at the list of careers in business. Can you tell me about the business skills needed for these careers?

A:Business careers not only require technical or quantitative skills, they also require students to develop several people skills, in order to effectively deal with a variety of people. Important business skills include organization, time management, interpersonal skills, communication, presentation skills, teamwork, negotiation, and leadership. Business skills can be acquired with the help of a degree, as well as with work experience.

Q:What are the highest paying careers in business?

A:With a degree in business, there are a diverse range of high paying careers that candidates can pursue. Some of the most popular and potentially lucrative options fall in the category of accounting, marketing, human resources, and information systems. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants and auditors made a median annual salary of $63,550 in 2012 whereas marketing managers made a median annual income of $115,750 in 2012.

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