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Systems Applications Products (SAP) training programs are now available at various institutions across the country, in both on-campus and online forms. This certification was initially intended to provide customers with the ability to interact on a common database, along with a large application range. Over the years, SAP has become increasingly popular and is now widely used by companies such as Microsoft and IBM. If you want to become a part of this industry, you need to take a look at the following information about SAP certification online.

The History of SAP

SAP started back in 1972, when five talented entrepreneurs from Germany had a vision for the huge potential they saw in the technology industry. They started off with only one customer and a bunch of employees at a very basic level. But the path they were on was soon going to change the entire landscape of the world of information technology. Today, 45 years and 345,000 employees later, SAP still continues to evolve the IT industry. It provides solutions to business in various sectors, including asset management, finance, human resources, manufacturing, commerce, R&D/Engineering, Sales, Service, Supply Chain, Sourcing and Procurement and Sustainability.

What is a SAP Certification?

SAP has been consistently adding new product to its services such as e-business application, tools for supply chain, web interfaces, tools for customer relations and so on. SAP systems consist of fully integrated modules that deal with nearly every aspect of business. Businesses today are choosing to work on the SAP platform, more now than ever before. This has created a great need for SAP certifications all across the globe. The demand for SAP expertise is continuously rising, be it production facilities or managerial workplaces.


Why Go for a SAP Certification?

SAP is a globally recognized organization. The training certifications offered by it are standardized across the world. Getting this certification would demonstrate that you have perfected your skills to the best of your ability through tough study sessions and hands-on experience in your chosen field. Certifications are offered according to area of focus and skill level to everyone across the board, whether you are a SAP partner, end user or a customer.

Getting a SAP Certification would make you more employable and well-versed in your respective field. The knowledge addition will help you become a better manager at your current job and will add value to the learning of your subordinates.

Have a look at these statistics to help you get a better idea about the business landscape and the kind of services and value addition SAP certifications can offer:

  • 64% of the companies report that finishing up enterprise software deployments on time is a very difficult task
  • 54% of the projects going on typically go over time
  • 56% of the projects end up going over budget as well
  • 76% of certified IT professionals report that they are confident regarding their abilities to manage and implement IT systems on budget and in the given time frame as compared to only 67% of noncertified employees who felt confident in their abilities
  • 80% of the organizations state that a gap in the IT skills has negatively affected their productivity
  • 56% of employers are reported to not have a process in place for the proper identification of the IT skills gap

If your business is among the type that faces the above problems, here is how the SAP certification can help:

Lower Risk: If your IT personnel is certified, they decrease the risk by completing more projects within the given time and budget.

Increase Adoption: If your IT personnel are certified, they will have a better understanding of the software’s details. This will lead to a higher user acceptance, hence helping your company grow.

Instill Confidence: With certified IT professionals, you will have a clear picture of your company’s technical abilities. This will give you a greater degree of confidence in your business and help you take on newer and bigger challenges related to technology.


SAP Certification Online

An online certificate for SAP trains students in the implementation of recourses in an organization and teaches them how to use enterprise resource planning products in a specific workplace setting. Getting this certificate will help employers know your expertise in implementing, coordinating and managing business-related activities. Online courses for a SAP certification are available in a self-directed and an instructor directed format. You can choose the format which suits your studying style the most. The certification exam is available directly through SAP.

Training programs in SAP are also available through colleges and universities, if you don’t want to appear directly. Online SAP students might be required to have some level of understanding regarding basic technology in organizations such as browsers, microphones, headphones and so on. They should also be able to participate in online learning activities and should possess a reasonably interactive personality.


Training and Certification

For the SAP exams, you will have to check the SAP’s official website. That is the only forum to appear for the exams, if you are going for it independently. Some universities have partnered with the company and offer the official exam through their administration too. SAP certifications are offered in a variety of disciplines, including the following:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail
  • Midsize Company
  • Small Businesses
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Finance

 Online courses for SAP are taught by experienced instructors and typically include assignments, quizzes and simulations. In addition to that, they may even give you the opportunity to talk to experienced professionals from the field. Those students who go for self-directed courses can take part in online training sessions, access study materials online and practice simulated tests and exercises.

SAP online certification is ideal for those who are training independently or for people who need to update their skills, but cannot take time off from their jobs. If you need a detailed guide about SAP Certification, you may visit the official website at

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