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Importance of Tourism 
Tourism industry has emerged as a lucrative sector in terms of entrepreneurship and career opportunities over the last few decades. It is one of the primary sources of revenue in many countries across the globe. In popular tourist destinations such as Egypt and Spain, tourism contributes significantly towards the GNP. In addition to generating an influx of money from other countries, it also creates many job opportunities for locals. Tourism is closely tied with the industries of travel and hospitality. People who specialize in tourism are often required to study hospitality & travel management in detail. 

Tourism and Service Industries
Tourism depends on service industries such as transportation, hospitality, and entertainment venues, just as they rely on the tourism industry to provide a steady in flow of visitors. Tourist destinations with a transportation system attract more visitors. In fact, many places that were previously inaccessible because of transportation constraints are now becoming popular tourist hotspots due to advancements in the travel and transportation industry. Governments in many parts of the world, especially the ones that rely on tourism for revenue, take initiatives and develop tourism strategies. Tourists who are looking for a leisure trip are encouraged to visit places with good hospitality services including top class luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Entertainment and recreation facilities such as Broadway theatres, theme parks, and shopping malls also play an important role in attracting tourists. 

Types of Tourism 
Tourism usually reaches its peak during the holiday seasons when people have time to travel. Many tourists travel for leisure to holiday destinations with their friends and family each year. Winter tourism is very popular among people who like to ski. You can also find some ski resorts that are open for skiing throughout the year. There are even some specialized types of tourism such as educational, culinary and religious tourism. 

Tourism Degree Programs & careers 
A lot of universities in the US have introduced comprehensive degrees in tourism to cater to the needs of today's blooming tourism industry. These programs range from entry-level courses such as an associate's degree to specialized master's programs. Many of courses covered in these degrees also intersect with the hospitality and travel sectors, and explore various aspects of the service industries. For instance, some courses in tourism focus on hotel management and transportation strategies. There are even a few MBA degree programs that allow students to specialize in tourism strategies and hospitality services. These management training programs can help you with finding an administrative or managerial position in the tourism industry. A number of short diplomas and certifications in tourism are also available. Some of the common graduate and post graduate degree programs include Diploma in Destination Management (DDM), Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management (PGDTM), and Master of Tourism Administration (MTA). Many private travel and tourism companies offer their own customized training programs to employees. In addition to finding positions in private corporations such as airlines and tourism agencies, tourism graduates can also work with government departments like the Ministry of Tourism.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search related to Tourism degrees led me to Introduction to the Travel, Tourism and Meetings Industries course, can you tell me its details?

A:It is common to come across the reference of various courses and programs relevant to the field while going through search such as Tourism degrees. Introduction to the Travel, Tourism and Meetings Industries course is included in a number of relevant programs. In this course the students are generally introduced with the field of tourism and travel.

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