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Technical Education

Technical education plays a very important part in developing the overall economical and financial infrastructure of communities. Technical education enables individuals to run machinery, manufacturing units, and industrial plants. In fact, technical education is an important ingredient in determining the overall growth of the economy. An increasing number of students are graduating from technical education institutes and securing lucrative positions in various sectors.

What is technical education?
Technical education is a broad term that encompasses the knowledge of building machinery, processing the raw material, and maintaining industrial compliance. Electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and other forms of civil engineering also fall under the technical education domain.

Students that pursue technical education graduate as electricians, mechanics, mechanical assistants, field and plant supervisors, and general technicians.

A variety of different diplomas, certifications and degrees are offered by technical education programs. Typically, technical education is part of the technical and vocational institutes and Junior colleges. Community colleges also provide a variety of different courses that relate to technical education. Even private technical institutions have a large number of course offerings regarding technical education. Students that are interested in pursuing technical education are requested to read the curriculum and ensure that the coursework is fully accredited.

How long is technical Education?
This depends on the diploma, certification or degree that is being pursued. You can enroll in a short course diploma, certification or even pursue a bachelors degree in technical education. The top five technical education courses are as follows:

  • Diploma in electronics
  • Associates degree in electrical engineering
  • Fridge manufacturing
  • Air conditioning manufacturing
  • Mechanical technicians

Cost of Technical Education

The cost of technical education is dependent on the diploma, certification and degree that is being pursued. The cost of technical education courses that lead to a diploma is comparatively cheaper that the cost of technical courses that lead to an associate’s degree. Also, the cost of technical education is also dependent on the lab requirements and hands on requirements. For example, students that are pursuing mechanical technical education will be required to work in the labs.

Technical Education Career Path 
Technical education enables a variety of career growths in the market. People who graduate with technical education degrees find themselves working as electricians in small and large corporations and even open up their own companies. The major industries also work closely with the technical education institutes to review the course work and ensure that the best practices are taught during the curriculum. Also, the technical education programs facilitate internships at the local, regional and even national corporations.
A variety of different technical education programs also promote students to move forward with certifications. Certified technicians are paid more than the technicians who have not certified themselves. Technical education graduates find sound salaries and long term growth in a variety of different corporations and professional lines.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What courses are included in the curriculum of an industrial electrician associates degree?

A:An industrial electrician associate degree is a two year degree program that provides students with basic knowledge of the field. The curriculum typically includes courses such as: electronic principles, industrial electronics, electrical control for machines, motors and generators, programmable logic controllers, poly phase circuits, digital fundamentals, preventive maintenance, conduit bending, and many more.

Q:Are there any industrial electrician online degree programs?

A:Yes. There are several online industrial electrician degree programs listed on our website. These are offered by a few of nation's acknowledged institutes such as the Stratford Career Institute, Penn Foster Schools, Ashworth College, Vatterott College, Grand Canyon University, Lincoln Technical Institute, CDI College, and Allied Schools.

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