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Executive Education

What is Executive Education?
The term Executive Education refers to the study programs that are offered at graduate-business schools, which are focused on educating Chief Executives and other top managers or entrepreneurs. The programs offered in these schools usually don’t end up with a degree, but in case of an MBA, it is very similar to an Executive Education program. Executive education programs are usually beneficent for both business schools and students as well. The advantage that the school gets is financial in nature, which they receive in the form of college dues and fees, and as for young students, the schools provide them with a career opportunity as soon as they complete their course work.

Executive Education Institutions

Executive education programs are highly beneficial for business schools in terms of financial income. As roughly estimated by the Business Week Magazine, executive education is a $800 million per annum business in the United States. It was also estimated that 80% of the executive education programs are offered in business schools. The fastest growing and desirable form of executive education nowadays are specialized programs, which are referred to as Customized Programs; basically the program is tailored for a single executive of the company.
MBA and Executive Education
Executive programs branched out of the MBA discipline; the objective of which was to educate and keep the executive management personals up to date with the latest trends in the world of business. Soon this concept became wide spread among most of the companies around the globe, as those companies realized the significance of educating their management executives. Since executive programs were designed for the working personals, it was a bit difficult for them to continue their work along with full time classes for their programs. This need gave birth to more flexible and lenient programs in the shape of part time courses and online degrees.

History of Executive Education

The growth of executive education was seen in the 1980’s and 1990’s, as the corporate world required more trained and well educated management professionals. With the passage of time, the scope of the business world changed and the businesses required those personals that were willing and capable of keeping their knowledge up to date as times changed. To keep up with the pace of the business world, old and obsolete business concepts didn’t cut it, hence the need of executive education became more major as those professionals require up to date knowledge, rather than a degree.

Unlike other non-degree and non-certificate programs, executive education isn’t considered invaluable, as a lot of degree colleges and universities have lent credibility towards these executive programs, which made them preferable to most of the professionals. Apart from that, the emphasis on learning new concepts is still continued even after the diminishment of the dot-com. Executive Education is the way for you to stay relevant and current in the job market.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the advantage of opting for online executive education?

A:The Online Executive Education is cheaper and much more flexible than the on-campus program. It is the best option for individuals who are currently employed.

Q:What is the key purpose of executive training online courses and executive programs?

A:Executive training programs and course are created for working professional and executives who wish to enhance and increase their level of business knowledge. The program enables professionals to increase their current knowledge and increase their potential as a competitor in the field. These training programs provide students with up-to-date knowledge of business trends, latest case studies, skills needed in the industry, changing trends, and globalization.

Q:While searching for top schools offering executive education programs, I came across Masters in Executive Management program. Can you brief me about it's contents?

A:Many of the top schools offering Executive education programs are also offering Master in Executive Management, and it is a very sought for degree in the field. The curriculum of this program consists of courses such as organizational behavior, principles of management, organizational leadership, management capstone, special topics in management and independent studies in management.

Q:Can I get executive education online?

A:Business professionals usually seek executive education online as it is convenient to take these study programs and continue with a work routine. The programs are focused to keep the executive managers fully aware of the business trends and management strategies. Mostly people pursue these programs to get a competitive edge in the business world.

Q:Can I search the web for an online executive education list?

A:Yes, there are a number of websites that provide rankings and lists for executive programs. Executive programs are basically designed for top managerial professionals who want to further their career by attaining more qualifications. It is feasible and convenient to conduct a search online and find out what options you have.

Q:Who are executive education online Programs designed for?

A:Executive education online Programs are graduate level programs which are designed for professionals working at managerial or executive level. Many schools are offering executive programs especially in the field of business. You can opt for a MBA executive degree. Take a look at our page for more information about executive education online Programs.

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