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Real estate is a term that is used to name land inclusive of the entire infrastructure. This is a legal term that basically defines land and all the fixtures on it. Individuals who buy and sell real property by acting as a third party/intermediary between sellers and buyers are known as real estate agents.

How to become a real estate agent
A person must earn a real estate license before he/she can become a professional real estate agent or broker. To obtain this license, real estate agents must complete a training course and pass a real estate training exam. On completion of this requirement, the state then issues a real estate license to the agent.

Real estate school
There are many real estate schools that offer various programs and training for agents and students who want to earn a real estate license. These programs and training requirements have been set out by the state and a real estate agent will not receive a license without completion of these courses.
The programs available are:

  • Pre- license courses
  • Real estate appraisal courses
  • Home inspection courses

Pre license courses
This course comprises of two sub courses, a sales pre license course and a broker pre license course. This program is designed to provide basic knowledge of real estate and its operations to students and newcomers. Students must take this course before they can actually enter the professional field of real estate. This is the most basic and fundamental course that every agent must take. On completion of this course, a real estate license is issued to the student by the federal state.

Real estate appraisal courses
This course is offered to licensed estate brokers who are already working in the real estate industry. Appraisal courses are taken so that brokers can remain updated on the changing scenario of real estate and the changing regulations. This course will enhance their credibility as a broker.

Home inspection courses
Home inspection courses are designed to teach real estate brokers how to inspect homes prior to buying and selling. This additional skill provides an edge in the real estate industry and keeps brokers ahead in their profession.

Best real estate schools
The top real estate schools that provide the best education to real estate agents are:

  • University of Wisconsin
  • California real estate license school-Berkeley
  • Colorado real estate school
  • University of Georgia
  • New York university

Career prospects
By completing a course from a real estate school, an individual becomes a licensed real estate broker. The pay scale of a real estate agent ranges from $23,000 to 145,000 per annum. Some of the jobs that can be pursued in this career are:

  • Real estate researcher
  • Property manager
  • Real estate agent
  • Trainer/teacher
  • Home inspector

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few online Real Estate Schools?

A:There are numerous online real estate schools in United States. Here are the names of the few popular ones: South University, Marylhurst University, Colorado Technical University, Penn Foster Career School, Startford Career Institute and Ashworth College.

Q:Are the online Property Management Schools better than the campus based ones?

A:Online Property Management Schools or the traditional campus-based property management schools, both offer the same degree programs and diplomas. There is no difference in the offered programs and their curriculum. Hence, there is no major difference within the two forms of education except that the online property management schools offer the flexibility of getting education from the ease of home rather than going and attending classes physically.

Q:Which schools offer Property Management programs to students in the US?

A:Property management programs are available in many renowned schools; some of the most popular ones include The University of Cincinnati, El Camino College, North Dakota State University, University of North Texas, Miami Dade College, New York City College of technology, and University of Wisconsin. These programs are available to students who are beginning a career in property management, and are also available to professional real estate agents who enroll in training programs to enhance their property skills and knowledge.

Q:Which courses are taught are Real Estate Appraisal Schools?

A:Most Real Estate Appraisal Schools emphasize on subjects like real estate valuation principles, investment, financing, and real estate laws. Besides, real estate market behavior and analysis of land utilization are also amongst the crucial courses included in the real estate school curriculum. These courses are aimed at equipping students with industry based knowledge which is mandatory to become a leading real estate appraiser in today's competitive world.

Q:What careers can be pursued after completing the Real Estate Appraisal Training?

A:Upon graduation from a recognized real estate school, you can work in a variety of positions such as real estate agent, contract specialist, land analyst, sales agent or real estate broker. If you have an advanced degree in this field, then you can easily capitalize on career opportunities like appraisal manager, collateral appraiser or land administration supervisor. Your salary is mainly dependent on your area of specialization and overall expertise in the field.

Q:What is the admission criteria for enrolling in a Property Management Training program?

A:The admission criteria for enrolling in a property management training program varies from school to school. However, the general requirements are that students must have a high school diploma, they must be over the age of 18, and have at least 50% marks in the OREA (real estate college admission test).

Q:Can you name a few popular Property Management training and certification programs?

A:Property Management training and certification programs can be obtained in areas such as: building compliance, residential property, property advertising, and commercial property. After the completion of a training program, students can appear for the certification exam conducted by the National Property Management Association.

Q:What kinds of property Management Courses are available at property schools?

A:The different types of property management courses available to students include a B.S degree in property management, a M.S degree in property management, associates degree in property management,and diplomas and certificates in property management. Students can pick various courses within the degree programs for specialization such as property law, international real estate, property investment, and real estate principles.

Q:Can you provide some information regarding the different types of online property management training programs offered?

A:There are two distinct training programs for students interested in pursuing online property management courses. Students can either opt for a professional certificate program that spans up to a few months. These programs typically comprise of 6-8 courses, while, students with higher career goals can opt for a full-fledged degree program namely, the B.S in Property Management. The duration of the bachelor's degree is 3-4 years and it covers all major courses that help students gain a comprehensive knowledge about the field. Most universities offer both types of aforementioned training programs to students through the campus based and online medium. '

Q:What topics are studied in a property management diploma program?

A:A property management diploma has a duration of around 12 months, and includes a number of various topics in its curriculum. Some of the key areas covered in diploma programs are managing agency risks, providing property appraisal, market property, property reports, marketing planning, property management services, trust accounts, strategic business plans, and many more.

Q:Can you please tell me about the main program requirements for online real estate schools?

A:There are a variety of real estate schools online that offer various programs for agents and students who want to acquire a real estate license. These programs and training requirements have been set out by the state and a real estate agent will not receive a license without completion of these courses. The programs available for online real estate schools include pre -license courses, real estate appraisal courses and home inspection courses.

Q:Do real estate schools online offer diploma programs?

A:There are a number of real estate schools that offer real estate diploma programs. The program offerings will depend on which school you plan to enroll on. These offerings will vary from school to school. Real estate is becoming a popularly pursued area by individuals nowadays due to the growing real estate market.

Q:What do I need to be eligible for an online real estate school?

A:Online schools are becoming the new trend of learning. Students need a laptop and an internet connection to be able to enroll in an online program. However, the program admission requirements may vary from school to school. You can confirm what the admission requirements are by contacting the school you are planning to enroll in.

Q:How is a real estate school online different from a campus based real estate school?

A:Online education is becoming a popular mode of learning. If real estate is your academic goal, you can opt for a real estate program offered online or at a campus. Online programs are easier to study as you can complete the program coursework from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, campus based schools offer a traditional classroom environment.

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