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What is hospitality management?
The hospitality industry has experienced unprecedented growth across the globe over the last few decades.  Recent developments in the transportation industry have enabled us to reach even the remotest corners of the world. Many places, which were previously unknown, have now become popular tourist spots. Hospitality services such as accommodation facilities and restaurants play an important role in the growth of tourism. Hospitality management schools offer various training and degree programs for learners who wish to pursue a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. A number of schools and training centers have been established throughout the US to cater to the growing needs of the global hospitality industry.

Types of Hospitality Management Programs
In addition to universities that specialize in hospitality and tourism, a number of business schools also award degrees in hospitality management. Hospitality management studies can be pursued at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral level. These programs explore a number of fields and hospitality sectors such as destination marketing, hotel administration, and tourism.  Learners even get a chance to study some of the related fields including finance, public relations, and human resources. There are many MBA programs that allow students to steer the focus of their degree towards hospitality management. These programs include a variety of specialized trainings such as food preparation, global tourism, and theme park management. The major one selects during the course of their studies can later help them with choosing a suitable career path. Many hotels also sponsor or fund hospitality management programs for the professional advancement of their employees. Some hotels and restaurants even design and offer customized trainings.
How can I benefit from joining an online hospitality management school?
Online hospitality management programs are fast becoming popular among students and professionals alike. Not only are these courses affordable, but they also allow students to study at their own pace and schedule from the comfort of their home. Hospitality management schools put students on the fast track to securing a lucrative job. Learners who pursue these programs don’t have to worry about attending classes on time or assignment deadlines. Many of online programs provide free reading material and multimedia. By pursing these degrees, students can study at renowned and prestigious educational institutions anywhere in the US with having to relocate. Online hospitality management schools are ideal for people who are already working in the hospitality industry and don’t want to disturb their existing work routine. People who wish to switch their job can also benefit from these programs.

Career Opportunities
Some of the most exciting and diverse jobs can be found in the hospitality industry. Hospitality management graduates establish their career in a number of fields and sectors including hotels, casinos, travel agencies, fitness clubs, and resorts. Even people with basic level degrees can easily secure lucrative positions ranging from hotel maintenance to tourism sales. However, it is usually easier for master’s degree holders to step into administrative and leadership roles. Some hotel management graduates even choose to establish their hotels and restaurants.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Looking for top hospitality management schools in the U.S., I came across a course on Hospitality Accounting Systems. What is the purpose of this course?

A:Course on Hospitality Accounting Systems would be mentioned when searching for top hospitality management schools in the U.S. This course is worth 3 credit hours and guides students about accounting systems for hotels. Students with the help of this course also learn about transaction flow, financial statements, reports generation and data analysis. There is huge potential for students in this course, more information is available on our website.

Q:While reading on the best schools in hospitality in the US, there was mention of the course on Business Law. What are the content of this course?

A:It is quite common to get to read about the course on Business Law while going through the Best Schools in Hospitality in the US. This course is worth 2 credits in total. It is structured to provide students with ample understanding of the impact of the public interest as well as the various levels of regulations at government level. Hands on experience is also provided to the students.

Q:Most of the schools of Hospitality Management in Miami have dedicated course on Medical Sociology. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Medical Sociology in the Schools of Hospitality Management in Miami. This course is worth 4 credit in total and is designed to offer the students with ample understanding of the latest findings of medical sociology in the system of healthcare. Social as well as political factors are also highlighted upon.

Q:What is taught in the Basics of Catering course of the best hospitality schools?

A:The best Hospitality schools in United States have a dedicated course on Basics of Catering. This course is worth 4 credits in total and is designed to provide the students with the understanding of how to provide apt catering solutions. Topics include apprenticeships, local regulatory system, domestic and home based work, etc.

Q:What is the individual taught in certification at food management school?

A:Food Management Schools across United States are offering numerous programs including certificates and associate's, bachelor's as well as master's degrees. In the certifications being offered, the individuals are taught a number of courses including menu planning, purchasing procedures, hospitality principles, food storage, human resource management, food preparation, safety and sanitation and facilities management.

Q:While searching top hospitality colleges, I came across the course of Housekeeping Management, what is being taught in that?

A:In Housekeeping Management course, the individuals are introduced with the ways of managing and supervising the staff which is a key point in the hospitality management program. It deals in maintaining a quality staff and proper organization and discipline. Proper planning and discipline is the major factor affecting the services of a hotel.

Q:What is taught in the Managing Guest Services course of the best Hospitality Management schools?

A:All over the United States, the best Hospitality Management schools have a specially designed course on Managing Guest Services. This course has around 3 credits and emphasizes on the different concepts used in quality management, style of leadership, employee relations, quality control options and anticipation as well as prevention of problems. It also stresses on how to handle the complaints.

Q:As I was reading about the opportunities as a hospitality professional, there was mention of Managed Hospitality course. Can you please tell me of the contents of this course?

A:There are enhanced opportunities as a Hospitality Professional if you have ample knowledge of the Managed Hospitality course. This course is worth 4 credits and comes at the end of the programs. It highlights primarily on the managed hospitality care changes. We have seen huge advancements in the field of hotel management and hospitality and this course aims to train you in the management aspects of the field.

Q:What specialization areas are offered in Hospitality Management Chicago degree programs?

A:Degree programs in Hospitality Management are offered by a number of schools in the city of Chicago. The following areas are can be opted for specialization in hospitality management: Event management, environmental management, sales and marketing, real estate and finance, revenue management, tourism, human resources, and many more. These courses may not necessarily be offered by all hospitality schools.

Q:What short programs are offered at International College of Hospitality Management?

A:The International College of Hospitality Management offers short undergraduate programs such as the following: Associate of science in hospitality management, certificate program in hospitality management. The college also offers training programs and internship programs to student’s interested in this field. This college is one of the worlds most reputed hospitality management schools.

Q:What type of training is provided at schools for restaurant managers?

A:Aspiring restaurant managers can get enrolled in any of the various Hospitality Management schools offering degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Many schools enable students to pursue professional career certificates and diplomas, which are designed to add to the existing knowledge base of the restaurant managers. The most suitable program for restaurant managers is the Bachelor in Service Management - Restaurant Enterprise Management offered by Working professionals and single parents with time management issues can easily benefit from the online version of this program.

Q:Where can I work after completing my education from a good hospitality career institute?

A:Students with recognized degrees, certificates or diplomas from Hospitality Management schools can work in diverse job positions including: events planners, hotel managers, amusement park workers, casino managers, housekeeping supervisors, public relation specialists, and conference managers. The job position and salary offered to individuals is determined by their education level, previous work experience and skills relating the field.

Q:Are the admission requisites for traditional and online schools for Hospitality and Tourism different?

A:The admission criteria of online and traditional Hospitality Management schools are quite similar. The common requirements of these schools include: a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, CGPA of 2.5 or above and letters of recommendations(if required). Some schools require students to clear an entry test and interview for admission as well.

Q:Which are the best schools in America for Hospitality and Tourism Management?

A:Our website offers an entire list of a few of the best Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools in America. These include South University, Penn Foster Schools, Kaplan University Strayer University, Schiller International University, Ashworth Career School, and DeVry University.

Q:Where do the students of hospitality technical school degree programs get the initial work experience?

A:Most of the top hospitality technical school in the United States provide initial work experience at renowned hotels, with whom they have partnerships. This initial internship or apprenticeship provides the apt hands-on experience in the field of hotel management.

Q:What type of student security is offered at the best schools for Hospitality and Management?

A:The best schools for hospitality and management in the United States offer ample student security on campus. These include security patrols, medical staff, security passes and thumb scans as well as the 24/7 availability of caretakers.

Q:Do Hospitality Management small schools take longer to award degrees to students?

A:No. The size of the school does not change the degree awarding time. If the school is accredited, it will take the same standard time to award degrees to students. The duration will depend on the type of the degree program pursued and on individual students, since they need to clear all courses to be able to get the degree.

Q:What is taught in a program of hospitality professional at school?

A:A hospitality professionals program is offered by a number of Hospitality Management schools. The program is basically designed for professionals and working individuals who wish to enhance and increase their knowledge of the professional world of hospitality management. The program provides students with updates and latest knowledge of this field. Such programs help boost a professional’s career, and compliments other qualifications earned in hospitality management.

Q:How long do Hospitality Management online schools take to grant degrees?

A:Hospitality Management schools offer students unlimited flexibility in terms of class scheduling and the time taken to complete the degree. These online degrees allow students to work alongside studying. Each student can take as much time as they want to complete their online hospitality management degree, and the institute awards degree accordingly upon completion of the program.

Q:Do Hospitality Schools offer financial aid to students?

A:Most Hospitality Management Schools provide financial assistance to applicants who demonstrate a financial need. Need-based financial aid can be obtained in form of grants, scholarships and federal loans. While, some schools follow the need blind admission policy and offer financial aid regardless of the financial status of the applicants. Many students with exceptional academic records are offered merit-based scholarships by these schools as well.

Q:Does any Hospitality Management School offer online degree program?

A:Yes. A wide range of Hospitality Management schools offer distance learning degree programs that enable students to complete their education from any location in the world. The essential purpose of the online programs is to facilitate students who cannot attend campus based classes. Also, these programs are highly lucrative for working adults as they can continue with their jobs and complete their higher education at the same time.

Q:Are there any Hospitality Management schools in Chicago?

A:Yes. There are many hospitality management schools in Chicago. Some of them are: Lexington College, Kendall College, DeVry University, Robert Morris College, Harold Washington College, and the Roosevelt University.

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