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What is project management?
Project management involves effectively managing personnel and resources to complete various tasks within a specified time frame and budget. Project management professionals utilize their skills of organization, time management and problem solving and interpersonal skills to adapt to a changing environment. It includes the initiation, planning, execution, management and completion of projects. From constructing bridges on some of the world’s most treacherous valleys to transporting a space shuttle to its launch pad to constructing skyscrapers and theme parks, project management skills enable you to tackle a variety of challenges. 

What can I study?
Project management classes are offered online and on-campus by most colleges around the country. In most cases, project management is offered as an extension or specialization course after a business administration degree. A 2 year associate’s degree in project management teaches students the basics of management in addition to communications skills and technical competencies that enable them to take entry level management positions in various projects across the industry. However, the opportunities for advancement are severely limited with an associate’s degree. Project management classes for the 4 year long bachelor’s degree are designed to develop critical thinking and analytical abilities in students in addition to imparting vital communication and management skills necessary for the workplace. Students are taught subjects such as risk management, quality assurance, resource management, cost control as well as techniques that help them undertake feasibility studies and phase reviews as well as how to effectively use time and foster positive relationships with workers and clients.

Are there any advanced programs?
Advanced project management classes enable students to earn a master’s or doctorate degree in the field. Students can select a specialization field from planning, cost management, resource management, financial factors, risk management, procurement and materials management, human factors in project management, workplace health and safety, commercial and labor law. The Master’s degree in project management prepares students to meet various challenges in a rapidly evolving environment while keeping long term objectives in mind. Students learn a variety of subjects in project management classes that will help them in various managerial capacities including accounting, acquisition, finance, information systems, international business studies and personnel management. By enrolling in project management classes at the master’s degree level, students also have the unique opportunity to engage in discussions with peers and teachers and build beneficial lifelong connections while broadening their technical knowledge and global perspective. Doctorate’s degrees are offered in the aforementioned fields and require students to submit a research paper or thesis to the college faculty for review.

Why should I consider project management?
Project managers are found in almost every industry – however the construction and IT industries employ the largest number of project managers. Employment of project managers is estimated to grow by 15 percent over the next 10 years making it a fast growing field. With increased construction and a  number of various industries being set up in the country, project management specialists will continue to remain in high demand. For the adventurers, opportunities are endless in the developing countries which are exponentially increasing construction activities, building industries and investing in mining, tourism and exploration. All in all, project management classes offer the opportunity to get a well rounded education that opens up countless doors for you and offer a challenging career that involves developing strategies, planning, scheduling and executing projects while addressing business needs and managing personnel and costs.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How much time would I need to set aside weekly for my project management classes?

A:This will depend on your program schedule as well as your family/work commitments. You should consider an online program if you want the maximum amount of flexibility. Online courses will allow you to study at your own pace at your convenience. These courses are also most the most cost- effective as you will not have to bear any travelling costs.

Q:How project management online classes less expensive and much more flexible as compared to classes in an institute?

A:Online classes for project management are much more flexible and less expensive as compared to classes offered ta a campus. Individuals can study that their own pace and time and not have to worry about timings. On the other hand, one does not have go through the extra expenses of buying text books.

Q:Why should I choose an accredited school for online project management classes?

A:It is always preferable that you choose an accredited school for online project management classes. Accredited schools meet the necessary requirements and standards set by the relevant accrediting agencies, therefore accreditation indicates that you will be receiving quality education. Employers also prefer graduates who have acquired education from an accredited school.

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