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How to Become A Model

The world of fashion is lucrative and glamorous – making thousands want to become a part of it. Even though becoming a model is largely dependent on your features, there are numerous other factors you should take into account to excel in this field. 

If you want to become a part of this glamorous world, the following guide would offer some help. Continue reading to find out how to become a model, including salary information and educational requirements.

Should I Become a Model?

The basic job of a model is to present garments and other apparel items and accessories for potential buyers at fashion shows, retail establishments and private showings. They may also pose for photos to be used in advertisements in magazines or billboards. Other kinds of models pose as subjects for painting, sculpturing and other kinds of artistic expressions.

To become a model, you will need to be have a certain height, weight and clothing size. However, these requirements vary greatly from client to client, since different jobs require different characteristics.

Education Required

No formal education required

Major Requirement



Not Required


May vary from project to project

Key Skills

Discipline, interpersonal skills, listening skills, organizational skills, persistence, should be photogenic, should have style

Annual Mean Salary (2019)


Job Outlook (2018-28)

-6% (Decline)

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Outlook for a Model

The overall career field for models is expected to decline by 6% in the years from 2018 to 2028. This will mainly be the result of rising online retail sales that allow businesses to interact directly with their consumers. Less expensive and more interactive social media options have resulted in a decreased use of models and large-scale advertising campaigns.

Job prospects will be better for those who go for big city projects and work on their networking skills on a regular basis. The highest paying industry for models was Independent Artists, Writers and Performers, paying an annual mean wage of $114,600 in 2019. The top paying state for this occupation was New York, with an annual mean wage of $47,230, followed by California and Pennsylvania.

Steps to Become a Model

In order to become a model, candidates will have to follow a series of steps. However, keep in mind that while these steps may be helpful, they do not guarantee that a model will find work.

Step 1: Complete a Basic Modeling Course

This course will typically teach aspiring models the basics of fashion and photography. It would involve topics like various kinds of face structures, light dynamics in a composition, body language, expressions and various modeling jobs.

Step 2: Take Some Basic Snapshots and Get Evaluated by an Agent

Basic snapshots would involve frontal and side profile images, front and back shots etc. Once you have these, it is important to get your modeling potential evaluated by a professional agent.

Step 3: Get Exposure

If you live in one of the major markets, you can visit open houses at agencies or send your snapshots to them. Try to send out your work to as many people as you can to avail the most potential opportunities.

Step 4: Know the Right Modeling Market for You

Depending on your physical features, your expertise and preferences, you may choose a particular market. A modeling market could refer to the location or type. For instance, New York, Los Angeles and Paris are major modeling markets. And the type could include fashion, commercial, petite or plus size modeling.

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