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Sports Management Careers

The field of sports and entertainment business is suitable for students who wish pursue challenging careers. There is a dire need for professionals having knowledge and expertise in managing various aspects of these industries. Sports and entertainment business professionals, such as agents and business managers of artists and athletes earn a median salary of $63,370 per year as according to O*NET in 2012.

Jobs for Sports and Entertainment Business Professionals
Students who earn degrees in sports and entertainment business can apply for a number of jobs within the sports industry. if hired, they can work as:

  • Sports Agents
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Academic Advisor
  • Manager
  • Coach
  • Professor of Sports Management
  • Compliance Officer

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Why should I pursue a career in Sports and Entertainment Business?
The boom in the sports and entertainment industries has opened up new opportunities for students who are keen to establish a career in this field. The internet and digital media has played an important role in transforming and developing these industries. Thanks to the technological developments that have made sports and entertainment business a bigger revenue generating industry than it was in the past. Today, there is an increased demand of sports business professionals in different capacities. This is why earning degrees in this area of specialization is highly recommended for individuals who love sports or seek to pursue exciting career in this field.

Sports and Entertainment Business Degree Programs
There are a number of degree programs offered in sports and entertainment business. Some of them include:

  • Associate’s degree program in sports and entertainment business
  • Bachelor’s degree program in sports and entertainment business
  • Master’s degree program in sports and entertainment business
  • MBA degree program in sports and entertainment business

The choice of a program depends on the individual career aspirations of a student. Individuals who wish to apply for entry level jobs or desire to enter into the sports and entertainment industry can increase their chances of doing so by enrolling in associate’s degree programs. Earning these degrees will enable students to apply for bachelor’s degree program so as to potentially give a boost to their career. Students who aspire to get to advance to top positions within the sports and entertainment business should consider getting enrolled in master’s or MBA programs to increase their long-term career prospects.

Some of the courses covered in sports and entertainment business degree programs are:
  • Business Management
  • Pubic relations
  • Event management
  • Legal aspects of sports and entertainment business
  • Understanding the Business of the Entertainment Industry
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Principles of Sports Management

Sports and Entertainment Business Online Degree Programs
Other than getting into classroom based programs in sports and entertainment business students can also go for online degree programs in this concentration. There are various online accredited schools that offer degrees in sports and entertainment business, allowing students to pursue thriving careers from the comfort of their homes.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What employment opportunities can I pursue with a career in sports & entertainment?

A:Students with a Career in sports & entertainment have a wide variety of employment opportunities available to them. Some of the areas in which students can find themselves employed are gambling industries, amusement parks, event promotions, spectator sports, museums and historical sites. The above mentioned are just some of the areas where students can find employment. To find out more about the qualification, students are requested to search our website for more information.

Q:What Kind Of Job Is There For Sports Entertainment if I have a master’s degree in sports management?

A:If you have a master's in sports entertainment you are eligible to apply for managerial level jobs in sports entertainment. The most popular sports careers include job positions such as sports marketing director, sports manager, sports and entertainment representatives, and many more. These job positions will also depend on the specialization area you have pursued in your degree program.

Q:What education is required for a Career In Sports And Entertainment Business?

A:Sports management and entertainment business careers require professionals who have acquired education in this study field. The most common degree programs available for this area is a bachelor degree in sports management and a masters degree in sports entertainment. These degree programs are offered by many accredited schools and universities.

Q:Can you tell me a little about careers in sports and entertainment business?

A:The industry of sports and entertainment has shown considerable growth in recent years. Many different job opportunities can be seen in these industries. Sports managers, artists, and agents are a few of the main job roles one can prepare for. Take a look at our page for more detail about this field and its career prospects.

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