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Careers in Construction Management

Statistics for Careers in Construction Management

  • Careers in construction, such as construction and building managers earn a median wage of $53,450 as of May 2012, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • There are opportunities for advancement depending on your work experience. Those who enter management positions, such as construction managers, have an annual median salary of $82,790 as reported by the BLS.
  • The salary for careers in construction management also depends on your academic background, work experience and the cost of living in the area in which you settle.
  • The BLS also further states that the increase in the demand for jobs in construction management will be 17% in the period from 2010 to 2020.

Major industries for careers in construction management

  • Careers in construction management include working in designing and building houses and apartments. This can be done through firms or private practice.
  • Many people are able to find fulfilling careers in construction management in the government sector. They often work in developing policy or regulating the construction industry.
  • Construction management extends to constructing roads, highways and infrastructure for heating, cooling, electricity, data and other utilities.

Construction managers plan, coordinate and oversee the completion of a construction project from its inception to completion.
Careers in Construction Management

Educational programs that help with careers in construction management

  • The standard degree preferred for careers in construction management is an undergraduate degree in construction management. This is generally called a bachelor’s in construction management.
  • A master’s in construction management is available to those who are looking for deeper specialization for careers in construction management.
  • Some people are able to enroll in master’s programs in construction management while having backgrounds in physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and architecture.
  • Other people who work in construction management have a background in science, architecture or engineering.

Top jobs

  • The most sought after careers in construction management tend to be those with large multinational firms. These firms often manage major projects such as the construction of bridges and canals around the world. The multinational experience you get on such a job can be very useful for careers in construction management.
  • There are also careers in the public and government sector that generally pay less but may offer more in the way of job stability which is also an important consideration.

Specializations available for careers in construction management

  • One of the emerging specializations available for careers in construction management is computer aided design. It is becoming increasingly common in the construction management industry to use software to run simulations before implementation.
  • Another popular specialization for careers in construction management is designing for sustainability. This may include analyses of proposals on how to incorporate renewable energy sources such as solar power, tidal power and wind power into infrastructure.
  • Careers in construction management generally involve designing heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Specializations incorporating utilities like power and voice and data are also in high demand. These specializations are valid career options for those who wish to enter the sector.
  • People with specializations in project management and project finance may be well placed to enter careers in construction management requiring considerable decision making.


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the employment outlook for careers in construction management?

A:The employment outlook for construction management professionals fluctuates with the economy. With the economy in an upward trend, there is going to be development all over the United States. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) predicts an increase of more than 15% in the next 7 years, making this a very lucrative career option.

Q:In a construction management career, what basic income level should I expect?

A:Construction managers are skilled exerts who plan, mange, coordinate, and supervise construction projects. If you plan on pursuing this career, you must first acquire relevant training and education. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income level of these managers is $83,860. The occupation is expected to grow at a fast rate in the coming years.

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