What Is A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a professional who works with the process of conducting realty transactions, including sales, purchases, leases, rentals, and development of real estate. The job requires a complicated combination of skills in accounting, negotiating, sales, brokerage, property valuation, and more. Training is available in classroom courses, college programs, and in experience on the job with more experienced real estate agents.

As the professionals who deal with all aspects of realty transactions, a real estate agent is a valuable part of the business of property sales, management, and development. With jobs available in many sectors, including with property management companies, real estate agencies, mortgage and finance companies, insurance companies, and government agencies, career opportunities for real estate agents are strong and continue to grow.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent
A real estate agent must be trained and certified in the necessary skills to be prepared to do the challenging blend of work involved in the job. States require individuals to take a required number of classes and pass a test to certify their knowledge in the real estate field before being authorized to accept compensation for work in the business of realty transactions.

The state required courses are available through many education venues with campus-based and distance learning options. Many colleges and universities offer additional programs and multi-year degrees in related fields with course work specializing in details of property evaluation, management, accounting, finance and much more.

There are further requirements to become a real estate broker, with additional responsibilities and duties to the public and clients. As real estate transactions can be complicated and lengthy procedures, the real estate agent must be competent to follow through all the details and satisfy the many demands of various parties to the transaction.

In many cases the real estate agent acts in a fiduciary relationship with the clients, which means that there is a high degree of trust and responsibility over matters of money and critical importance. The work of a real estate agent is constantly challenging and satisfying for those who like to help solve problems and make deals successfully come through to conclusion.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you tell me what a Real Estate Agent is?

A:A real estate agent conducts property related transactions which include sales, purchases, leases, rentals, and development of real estate. The job requires a number of skills such as accounting, negotiating, sales, brokerage, property valuation, and more. Real estate programs are also available to acquire training and work successfully in the profession.

Q:What does a real estate agent job description include?

A:A real estate agent has the following set of responsibilities: Interview clients, promote/advertise properties, Prepare Properties for sale, conduct negotiations, prepare rental & lease agreements, advise clients on prices and mortgages, take prospective buyers to see properties, and more. The exact job description may vary according to the specialization. Some real estate agents only specialize in commercial property while others may specialize in residential property.

Q:What is a real estate agent supposed to do?

A:Real estate agents have a two-fold responsibility: Helping buyers and helping sellers. Real estate agents help buyers by determining what sort of a house they want, their budget, size and location they are looking for, etc. Real estate agents must make sure that all the documentation is in order and complete for the clients. When a client wants to sell a house, he or she can approach a real estate agent, who appraises the property and helps set a price according to market conditions. Real estate agents may even help clients prepare his house for display and sale by conducting open houses.

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