Life Experience Degree

Life experience degrees are designed for the learners who exhibit core competencies of knowledge, skill and experience in some field of interest. In other words, these degrees have their foundation on what you have done in your life pertaining to a degree program. If you have not undertaken formal classes in a field, yet have in-the-field training you are equally positioned as those who gain knowledge by means of textbooks and lectures. Many times people fail to grow in their career because they do not possess a formal degree. Individuals with a degree, on the other hand, are professionally better off. On the basis of your experience, you can gain a life experience degree which would facilitate in your career development.
The Significance of Life Experience Degrees

In the present times of cutthroat competition, attaining life experience degrees seems to have gained critical importance. Because employers do not differentiate between individuals with academic degrees and individuals withalife experience degree, earning a life experience degree can be beneficial for you. Someone having same experience just as yours can be given preference on the basis of a degree; this is where a life experience degree can come to your aid. Once you get a life experience degree, you will have the same growth opportunities as those who have formal education and training.
How to Gain a Life Experience Degree

A life experience degree proffers acknowledgment for personal and professional achievements by means of several online life experience degree programs. However, you must know that you will not be able to gain this degree just by furnishing certifiable information on your resume. Also, it is not worthwhile to apply to this degree online from a university which is not accredited. These unproven kinds of degrees may come from scam artists, and can get you in legal trouble as well. It is essential to gain it from reputable institutes which require sufficient substantiation of experience; some may also call for taking certain tests to demonstrate your knowledge and skill prior to granting you a degree. Those who meet all the requirements can get a life experience degree within no time while the ones who lack an important skill may have to take some classes.
Getting a Life Experience Degree Online
There are a number of reputable institutes which offer life experience degrees on the basis of your prior experience. The former experience may include prior college, work experience, travel, and certificates of achievement, professional development courses or volunteer service. One can gain these degrees in areas such as business, education, fine arts, and sciences. Besides, there are a number of other specialized life experience degrees from which one can opt among the several undergraduate and graduate life experience degree levels. Mostly, these degrees can be attained online in a very short span of time. In order to apply for a life experience degree online, you need to filling out an application form provided by several life experience degree institutes. The prerequisites for these degrees are based on the level of your formal education, the time period you have already invested in a certain field as well as your professional skill level.

How long does it take to get a life experience degree?

Generally, when it comes to a life experience degree, you can earn yours in different concentrations including in leadership studies, community studies and more. A degree in life experience will help you convert the work experience you've had into a college diploma. Competency-based universities allow you to pass a competency exam sooner than the traditional 16 week course and offer degrees on this basis. The amount of time you take could vary between a couple of week and years, depending on how long you take to prove a skill.

What are the requirements to get a life experience degree?

To get a life experience degree, you will have to prove that you do in fact have experience in a certain field. Colleges have figured out a few ways to measure this. To measure competency in a subject matter, you are expected to show proof of:

  • Prior job experience in the field
  • Military training (if applicable)
  • Previous educational experience
  • Attend workshops/ employer sponsored training
  • National tests
  • Independent reading and research
  • Volunteer work and community service
  • Certifications etc.  

How much can I earn with a life experience degree?

How much you can earn with a life expectancy degree depends on whether your life experience amounts to a degree program or a diploma at all. If your life experience in a certain field amounts to a bachelor's degree, you could potentially earn as much as any other professional in the field. That being said, life experience degrees are a new prospect and still not at par with traditional college degrees.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Do employers accept life experience degrees?

A:Studies indicate that a lot of employers accept life experience degrees. However, as there are many diploma mills out there you should make sure that the degree you wish to earn is properly accredited.

Q:Which areas are more opted for a Life Experience degree program?

A:Business, education, fine arts, and sciences are some of the most sought after Life Experience degree programs.

Q:Which universities offer the best life experience degrees?

A:Best Life Experience degrees are offered at our website.

Q:Are the best life experience degrees offered online?

A:Yes. The best life experience degrees are offered online as well as on-campus.

Q:How long are the Bachelors of legal education degrees on life experience programs?

A:The Bachelors of Life Experience Degree programs are for 4 years.

Q:How long are the life experience degree programs?

A:Life experience degree programs span over the same duration of 4 years for a bachelors in life experience, 2 years for an associate in life experience and about 2-3 years to complete a masters in life experience degree program. These durations can vary if the degree programs are pursued online since there is no time limit for the completion of online degrees. They offer complete flexibility to the student.

Q:Are there any life experience degree programs online?

A:Yes, life experience degree programs are offered online. You can excess these degree programs and their details on our website. We have got an entire list of institutions offering online degree programs in life experience. These online programs offer flexibility and are comparatively cheaper hence are more pursued by students nowadays.

Q:What is a Pell Grant for a life experience degree?

A:Life experience degree is a degree given to students who have acquired sufficient knowledge in their profession. A life experience degree includes credit and experience that has been attained through work and practical experience. This allows credit transfers and exemption of many courses. Students can apply for the Pell Grant for life experience degree, the application procedure is submitting a filled FAFSA form.

Q:Are there any Universities offering many Life Experience Degree programs?

A:Life experience degree programs are designed for professionals who wish to excel their career by acquiring further education. College credit is given to one's professional experience and skills in a life experience degree. You can browse through our page to find out which schools are currently offering Life Experience Degree programs.

Q:Can you tell me what is life experience degree?

A:Life experience degrees are for individuals who already have a certain level of competency related to a particular field. These degrees have their foundation on the knowledge and skills you already have. Individuals can have knowledge and skills in a particular field but not a degree, which can be a disadvantage for them. On the basis of your experience, you can acquire a life experience degree which will help in career advancement.

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