Animation Training

With movies such as Up, Toy Story, Shrek and Wall-E becoming big box office hits, the importance of the animation industry continues to grow. Animation is the rapid succession of a number of 2D or 3D images which give the illusion of movement. The animation industry includes the web, television, films, and video games. 2D and 3D animators can also work in the area of video game designing. If you are passionate about learning more about this creative and constantly evolving field, then you should consider enrolling in animation training courses or programs.
Animation Training Programs

A number of schools offer programs related to animation. These include programs related to the technical aspect, as well as character animation. Depending on which particular area you are more interested in, you can find Bachelor and Master programs in video game design, simulation programming, digital video media, animation and other related areas.
Video game design and simulation programming degrees prepare graduates to enter the gaming software industry. Students of such programs learn game design techniques, 2D and 3D graphics programming methods, game engine design and more. If you choose a 3D animation program, you will learn electronic arts and animation skills. The use of various animation software is also taught to students.
Animation Training Skills
A student who acquires a degree related to animation will learn how to conceptualize and develop ideas for cartoons and characters using storyboards and drawings. Life rendering and drawing techniques will be learned to give life to characters and backgrounds. Animation training degrees teach students how to create 2D and 3D characters for use in digital media, television, films, games and more. An animator will learn how to give characters life-like movement, and will also learn how to combine audio and video effects. Animation training includes the study of post-production techniques.
Careers in Animation
On completion of your animation training you will discover a wide range of career options available to you in the animation arena. With a degree in game design and simulation programming, you can join a digital entertainment company or a game design organization. Jobs could involve designing, developing and testing video games. Creation of 2D and 3D animated scenes and backgrounds for use in games is also a role available to those with a degree in game design.
Those with a degree in animation can find jobs as animators of 2D and 3D characters or storyboard artists. Modeling, as well as lighting and texture mapping are other areas which employ computer animation graduates.
There are a number of television and film animation studios, computer animation firms and game design and development companies that have a high demand for those trained in the area of animation. Post-production and special effects studios are also a source of employment for animators. Any company that requires the production of graphics and animation would provide a place for animation graduates to begin their career. The website design and advertising industries are also open to computer animators.  
If you are looking for a cutting-edge career in a creative field, then an animation industry job may be just the thing for you.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the course highlights of the Animation Training online programs in regards to the software used and the facilities usually provided?

A:Most of the Animation Training Online schools in the United States offer the classes in Maya, which is the premium animations software in the world. A 13-months student license of the Autodesk Education Suite 2010 is also arranged for the student as part of the facilities provided.

Q:Can animation online certification help me to enhance my creative skills?

A:Animation industry has gained a lot of attention in recent times and many are being lured to this field. If you have the aptitude then an online certification can help you with more knowledge and technical guidance. You can explore online the number of certifications available and check if they offer the subjects that can take you further in this line and be productive.

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