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Have you spent hours in front of the Play Station playing games like Grand Theft Auto? Did you own an Atari as a kid and now have a Wii (having owned everything in between)? Do the words World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike get your blood pounding?
If you are passionate about all of the above, chances are you are a gaming enthusiast who has played all the adventure, strategy and simulation games out there. If you wish to transform this hobby into a successful career, you may want to look at programs at game design schools. The gaming industry is a global, multi-billion dollar business which holds great potential for those armed with game design, programming, computer animation, and digital entertainment degrees.

Game Design Degrees
Gaming enthusiasts who have the ability to be creative and think out of the box may choose to pursue degrees at game design schools. There are a number of game design related degrees available at the Associate, Bachelor and Master levels both online and in traditional university environments. You can find digital entertainment and game design degrees, as well as game art and design degrees. Some animation degrees offer game design as a minor concentration option too.

Game design related programs teach students the ins and outs of the gaming industry. A degree in game design involves learning about gaming technology, animation and the game design process. Many programs also teach game art and game software development as part of the degree.

Areas of Study in Game Design Programs
Game design schools may offer a number of programs focusing on game art, design and programming. Students will learn about color theories, 3D modeling and cinematography. Most schools will cover topics such as character and object modeling, motion capture, animation and set designing. The analytical thinking, logical problem solving and communication skills of students are strengthened in such a program.
A game design student will learn to make interactive 2D and 3D games based on the processes and techniques taught. Game design begins with the development of the content and rules of the game being created. Students are also taught to document the game design in the correct way. Game design strategies, basic art and design, game programming and production are all subjects that are part of a game design school’s curriculum.

Careers for Game Design Graduates
Working in the exciting, cutting-edge gaming industry can provide the thrills a creative mind needs. With a wide range of computers, gaming consoles and smart phones out there, the demand for game design experts who can develop games for all these platforms increases. Graduates from game design schools will be able to find jobs as part of a team designing, developing and testing video games. Game design degree recipients can also be employed for the creation of animations, sets and scenes for games. Character artists, video game level designers and texture mappers are other roles open to those with a degree in game design. Channel your enthusiasm for gaming into a lucrative career by enrolling in a game design program today!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What kind of courses will I be required to study to become the best game designer in the world?

A:To become a good game designer, you will have to courses in topics such as motion capture, animation, set designing. Many game design schools offer a number of programs relating to game art and programming. Students get to learn about cinematography, 3 D modeling and the likes. In a game design school, you will learn to make interactive 3D and 2D games based on various taught techniques and applications. These courses will surely help you in your quest to become the best game designer in the world.

Q:Tell me about online game design schools?

A:Since Gaming is now a very popular academic degree it is offered by a number of schools on-campus as well as online. The various levels of degrees available in this field are Associate, Bachelor, and Master levels. Degrees are available in digital entertainment and game design as well as game art and design. Students in these courses learn all about the ins and outs of the gaming industry.

Q:How are game design schools online different from regular schools?

A:In terms of educational requirements or curriculum there is significant different between an online school and a traditional school. Both follow the same set of standards and teaching methodologies. The only difference is in the mode of instruction and also that there are some distinct advantages of attaining education online.

Q:While searching for graphic design certificate schools, I came across the course Fundamentals of Typography, what is it about?

A:There are a number of certifications and degrees being offered in Graphic Design Schools. The programs are compiled of a list of courses, Fundamentals of Typography is one of them. In this course the student is introduced with the anatomy of letter form and various features of visual communication and creative applications.

Q:What if I don’t have any famous game design schools where I live. What are my options in that situation?

A:It doesn't matter if you don't have any famous game design schools in your area. Students can search the internet and find out if there are any schools offering a distance learning program for someone such as yourself. These distance learning programs are comprehensive, convenient and help students save time and money.

Q:There is no reputable game school Minnesota, where do I find accredited schools in my area?

A:If you are unable to find accredited game schools in Minnesota, you can expand your search by looking for an online school that offers courses in gaming. There are a large number of accredited online schools that you can attend, regardless of your location or the physical location of the school.

Q:Most of the Gaming schools in Oregon only offer daytime classes, how do I find evening classes?

A:If you are looking for evening classes and are unable to find any Gaming schools in Oregon that offer evening courses, the best alternative is to go for an online school. Online class schedules are extremely flexible and classes can be scheduled according to a time of your preference.

Q:Most of the game design schools in Pennsylvania require me to attend classes 5 days a week which I cannot do because I have to work a 9-5 job, do I have any other options?

A:If the Game Design Schools in Pennsylvania do not offer classes at a time that is convenient to you, you can always go for an online course. Online classes are extremely flexible and can be scheduled at a time of your convenience. This will allow you to continue your current job while studying.

Q:I've found a number game art and design schools in Texas, how do I know which one to pick?

A:If you want to make sure you pick the best game art and design schools in Texas, the only way to confirm the quality is by making sure that the school has been accredited by relevant accreditation boards. If you do not find an accredited school in Texas, you can always go for an accredited online game art and design school.

Q:Which gaming schools in Minnesota offer associate and bachelor in gaming studies?

A:The state of Minnesota has a number of popular gaming schools in cities such as Mendota and Minneapolis. These schools offer associate degree programs and bachelor degree programs in game designing. Popular schools include Capella University, Saint Paul University and The Arts Institutes International The above mentioned schools have been accredited by the Higher Education Commission.

Q:Can you mention a few of the best Gaming Design Schools in PA?

A:Students can earn higher education in the field of game design from various universities in Pennsylvania. Some of the best game design schools in this state include the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, Temple University, Drexel University, Susquehanna University, Saint Vincent College, Mary wood College, The University of Arts, Douglas Education Center, The Arts Institute of Pittsburgh, Harrisburg Area Community College, and Bucks County Community College.

Q:What are the various degree programs offered at Gaming Design Schools Texas?

A:Game design schools in Texas offer degree programs in this field at all undergraduate and graduate level. Students can enroll in associate degree in game design; this is a two year pre bachelor degree program. Another degree offered in game design is the bachelor degree; this is typically a four year undergraduate degree. Students can also enroll in masters level game design programs, this is a two year advanced graduate degree program. Apart from these programs, the schools also offer various certificate programs and short diplomas in game design.

Q:Which is the most famous 3D Game Designing School?

A:There are a bunch of famous Game Designing Institutes listed on our website. You can chose amongst those as they have been selected strategically keeping in mind their ranking. These include The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, Westwood College, Full Sail University, and DeVry University.

Q:Which are the best game designing institutes in world?

A:There are a number of renowned game designing institutes in the world, all offering great game designing degree programs to students. The best game designing institute can be judged by a number of factors such as: accredited courses, great faculty, well designed curriculum, state of the art facilities, and affordable tuition fees.

Q:Are the online game design schools better than the campus-based game design schools?

A:The subject matter and the curriculum offered in the game design degree programs are the same at the online game design schools and the campus-based game design schools. Hence, there is no difference in terms of the course content. However, online game design schools offer you the flexibility of working from home and making your own schedule, meaning you can also do a job alongside. It also saves the commuting time and cost. Hence, online game design schools are better in terms of flexibility and cost, however, otherwise there is no difference in the two types of schools.

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