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In the modern world, our daily lives are becoming increasingly busy and hectic. Education has become the most important part of a child's upbringing and there is a continued pressure on parents to make sure their children get the best education. The years before their teenage years are the most important in a child's nurturing and this is the time when parents really need to provide the perfect educational environment for their children as their personality develops throughout these years. At a very young age, even before the children have been enrolled into school, there are certain ways to get the learning process started; the most useful one has proven to be Educational Games.

What are Educational Games?
Better known as the broader term of Edutainment, educational games are a way of providing education with the help of games and entertainment. The idea has been around in every culture for millennia now as the fables told to teach children lessons were the very first form of edutainment. Games that children were taught to play as a form of fun also always had some lesson or knowledge to them. The idea has developed through the years and modern technology has given educational games and entertainment a totally new and much more useful facade.

Types of Educational Games
While the traditional games are a big help in the nurturing of a child's brain, studies in to edutainment have given us a number of methods to educate children through games and entertainment. Some of the foremost methods used are:

Board Games:
This type of game is very popular with children and adding an educational element to it fulfills the purpose of parents. Most board games are designed with geographical locations and the board is made up as a map of a certain place that the children have to learn about to go through the game. Trivia and money management board games are also an effective way to educate children on different aspects of life. Card Games:
Games like ONO have been teaching children how to count and manage numbers for years and new innovations in card games have brought us games that can help improve the memory and even some that can help children develop their basic skills.

Video Games:
This is by far the most expansive and effective method of education through entertainment. Due to the unlimited possibilities of technology, the 21st century has seen fully interactive games with topics that range from development of elemental skills to the learning of advanced crafts. Games that let you design and plan whole cities or companies are a great tool for teaching your children planning and management skills. With rapidly expanding gaming consoles like the new handheld consoles, it is becoming easier than ever to provide kids with the best Education Games.

Online Games:
This could be considered a sub category of video games but online educational games are more current and provide for a more fulfilling experience for the children.

Education Games are a great way to teach your children basic skills and provide them with knowledge while they enjoy themselves. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to get in to it!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How to teach through play based learning?

A:Play-based learning has gained significance over the recent times and many researchers have reported that this form of teaching can help foster the cognitive growth of children. Instructors can easily structure directed or undirected plays. Teaching through structured plays involve predetermined rules, while, the unstructured play allows children to take all initiatives on their own. The learning experience of the young children can be enhanced by providing them with a variety of equipments and materials, which can capture their interest and help them learn more effectively.

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