Instructional Technology Jobs

Instructional Technology jobs include a wide array of lucrative career opportunities. Once you complete a training program in Instructional Technology you can find scores of rewarding jobs in different sectors. You can work in schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Also, you can find highly rewarding Instructional Technology jobs in the corporate sector. After earning a degree in this field of specialization, you can work as an:

Instructional designer
Educational consultant
E-learning specialist

Top Instructional Technology Jobs
If you want to pursue the top Instructional Technology jobs you should get into the corporate sector. Here you can work as an instructional designer or an instructional technology consultant and receive competitive salary.

Instructional Technology Salary
With a degree in Instructional Technology you can earn $58,000 to $90,000 annually. However, the exact salary range is determined by your degree level, experience as well as the type of job that you find in this field.

Education in Instructional Technology
To be able to find promising Instructional Technology jobs, you can choose from a number of training programs that are offered in this discipline. These include:

Bachelor’s degree programs in instructional technology
Master’s degree programs in instructional technology
PhD degree programs in instructional technology

The choice of a program depends on your individual career objectives. However, the most esteemed programs that can lead you to the highest paying Instructional Technology jobs are Master’s and PhD degree programs. These courses are offered by regular as well as online colleges.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name some jobs in education instructional technology that can be pursued?

A:Students graduating with education instructional technology degrees can pursue a number of well paid jobs in this field. The type of job will depend greatly on the level of education acquired in education instructional technology. Top job positions include instructional technology specialist, curriculum developer, education multimedia specialist, trainer, training program developer, instructional designer, learning systems specialists, and visual publishing designer.

Q:My search for instructional technology jobs mentioned Director of Training. What is the job description for this profession?

A:Director of Training would be mentioned when searching for instructional technology jobs. These professionals are required to organize, train and supervise the training department of an organization. Some of the key tasks that these professionals are required to carry out are to identify competencies and drawbacks of all departments. These professionals are also required to make sure the training manuals are current and all employees are properly trained.

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