Fashion Merchandising Degrees

Have you got an eye for fashion? Do you know what the next hottest trend will be? Do you have a strong sense of style?
If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above then you may be perfectly suited to a degree in fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandisers are buyers who know what would be popular with consumers and purchase stock according to such predictions. Fashion merchandising degrees equip students with knowledge of the fashion industry and teach them to plan, buy and sell in order to make a profit for their store. Graduates have the option of working for boutiques, department stores and other fashion related stores.

Fashion Merchandising Programs
Many colleges and universities offer programs in the area of fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising degrees can be found at the Certificate, Associate’s and Bachelor’s levels. The creative and cutting-edge fashion industry requires individuals who know the fashion arena inside out and have the ability to judge what would be popular with consumers.
Fashion merchandising degrees at the Bachelor’s level provide a more in-depth education of the field of fashion, as opposed to a Certificate or Associate program. A Bachelor program may give you the option of pursuing a minor concentration in a particular area of fashion merchandising as well. If you need to start working as soon as possible then enrolling in a Certificate or 2 year Associate program may be the way to go.  

Areas of Study in Fashion Merchandising
A fashion merchandising program covers a number of subjects including the history of fashion and that of fashion designers. As a student of fashion merchandising you will learn to buy merchandise in simulated purchasing sessions and discover how to market, advertise and design promotional campaigns. Retail management also makes up an important part of a fashion merchandising program. Surface design and home furnishings are also studied during the course of such a program. Students also learn about accounting and marketing principles.

careers2 in Fashion Merchandising
With a degree in fashion merchandising you will find many career avenues in the fashion industry. Students from undergraduate programs can find entry level jobs at department stores, small boutiques, specialty stores and textile wholesale companies. Designers, manufacturers and importers of clothes also employ fashion merchandising graduates. Many such graduates can find roles in retail management, event planning, fashion forecasting, fashion journalism and visual merchandising. Someone with a Bachelor’s degree can enter the field of fashion at a number of posts such as assistant or associate buyer, department manager or assistant store manager. Roles can also be found in the areas of distribution planning, mall management and product development.
With a degree in fashion merchandising you could fulfill your dream of working for any of a number of fashion brands ranging from Ralph Lauren to AX to JC Penny. Start researching fashion merchandising degrees today to find one which would suit you best. Using your creativity, ambition and the business acumen you acquire from a fashion merchandising program, you can soon be on the path to professional success.    

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where can I find the best Fashion Merchandising Degrees?

A:You can find the best Fashion Merchandising Degrees at our website.

Q:What are the contents of the course on Wedding Dresses in the Fashion design Cincinnati degree programs?

A:The Fashion design Cincinnati degree programs have dedicated course titled Wedding Dresses. This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with contemporary understanding of the course and how to shop for the perfect wedding dresses. The course highlights on what the consumers look for in a wedding dress with passing trends.

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