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Art & design programs are aimed at those talented individuals who would like to enhance their skills in drawing, shading and implementing design projects in different mediums. The emphasis in art & design programs is in being able to develop a concept and implement it. There is a growing need in industry for individuals who can design products that are not only practical but also attractive. Art & design programs have thus been developed to train people for such roles.

What will I study in art & design programs?
Art & design programs have enough flexibility to satisfy those with different career interests. But all those in art & design programs are required to take some core courses to build their foundations.

Core courses in art & design programs involve an introduction to visual thinking. You are encouraged to develop quick and effective sketches of new concepts and product ideas to begin the process of converting ideas into something practical.
You will also be exposed to the processes of rendering and painting. Art & design programs will teach you how to design for perspective while taking into account lighting and shadows.
Since you will often be a part of design projects working in teams on a fixed schedule, art & design programs will expose you to the fundamentals of project management. This course will teach you how to plan and distribute work between a team and identify risks in advance of completion.
Elective courses in art & design programs allow you to delve deeper into different mediums. You may learn how to use pastel, water colors or charcoal. You may also be exposed to different mediums of expression like murals, collages and still life.
Art & design programs are increasingly taking advantage of technology. They thus teach you to use basic software like Photoshop and Illustrator that allow you to develop animation and attractive brochures. These skills are among the highest in demand in industry.

Can I complete art & design programs online?
Indeed online art & design programs are very popular. These online programs allow you to stream video lectures and watch them at your leisure. Videos tend to be instructional in nature and guide you through the best practices of art & design.
While online programs may only be able to provide limited practical experience, some of them collaborate with physical campuses to provide you additional opportunities to complete project work in teams.
If you are seriously interested in breaking into the art & design industry you may be best served by completing an online bachelor’s program. An online master’s program will provide you additional depth and prepare you for management.
Those who are just interested in dabbling in the field as a hobby may find that certificate programs are best able to satisfy them.

What are my job prospects after art & design programs?
After completing art & design programs, you will find that you are in demand to design everything from consumer products to children’s toys to website interfaces. Employers are particularly interested in applicants who have a record of delivering quality projects on a tight timeline.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which Art and Design schools in NJ offer bachelor degree and master degree programs?

A:There are a number of well known art and design schools in NJ that offer undergraduate and graduate level studies in this area. Following mentioned are a few: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Academy of Art University, Anthem Institute, ITT Technical Institute in Marlton, Lincoln Tech Institute, Burlington County College, Monmouth University, NY-NJ Academy of Arts, and the Arts Institute.

Q:My search on study Design online led me to Bachelor in Illustration program. Can you tell me the course work?

A:Searches such as study Design online often lead to you various degree programs such as Bachelor in Illustration. In this four year program, the students will get to study courses such as illustration design principles, conceptual process, illustration history and practice, illustration core concepts, core concepts of scientific illustration, graphic design, media studies and microscopic worlds.

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