The Education of Little Tree

The Education Of Little Tree by Asa Earl Carter is a cult classic for more than one reason. Firstly, it is a beautifully written story that captures the hearts of the reader from the first go. Secondly, it portrays the deepest philosophies of life in the most simplistic manner. It talks about grave issues of prejudice, violence and death; while at the same time, it wonderfully depicts the importance of simple living, traditions, and love of nature. The most appealing part of this novel is that it teaches us about the importance of self-discovery and value of love. Published in 1976, The Education Of Little Tree is a memoir-style novel where author's thoughts are projected through the eyes of a young orphan boy who is lovingly called 'Little Tree' by his grandparents. 

Set in the backdrop of 1930s, the novel takes us through the journey of an Indian boy who goes on to live with his Cherokee grandmother and white grandfather after the death of his parents. Living in Tennessee backwoods, his grandparents teach him a lot about life and society through what we can call informal education. It is through gentle guidance and encouragement of independent experience that Little Tree learns about mountain life, whiskey making, love, spirit and various other emotions. This aspect of the novel highlights the role of parents and guardians in the process of education of their kids. 

When first published in 1976, The Education of Little Tree, become popular with word-of-mouth. The treatment of multi-cultural theme and its universal appeal made it a huge hit among children and adults, and it conveniently grabbed the number-one spot on the New York Times Best Sellers' list. Initially, it was publicized that the novel is written by Forrest Carter and it is his own memoir of growing up as a Cherokee boy. However, it was revealed later that Forrest Carter is indeed a pseudonym of Asa Carter who was raised in Alabama and remained an active member of the Ku Klux Klan. Even this controversy did not affect the popularity of the novel as it eventually went on to become an all-time favorite with people of different age groups. 

At its core, The Education of Little Tree is a moralistic novel that teaches us about different dimensions of life. The author's take on racial discrimination and violence are mostly discussed while referring to this novel. However, it also describes the role of Mother Nature in the life of human beings and also suggests a very successful way of child's education. It is projected that through various informal yet effective methods of teaching and learning, the grandparents of the kid grow their 'Little Tree' into a 'Big Tree' with beautiful mind, healthy body and strong personality. This aspect of the novel makes it a good read for parents who are concerned about their child's initial learning process. We highly recommended this novel for its uplifting storyline, beautiful narration and simple prose that makes it an interesting bedtime read.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I access the Education of ittle tree read online

A:education of little tree read online

Q:Can I access the education of little tree online?

A:Yes. You can for sure access the education of little tree online. You can do so by links on our website or go to the official website of the education of little tree. The education of little tree is a life learning lesson and hence is recommended to all students pursuing any type of education.

Q:Is the education of little tree about a boy?

A:Yes, the story "the education of little tree" is centered on a young orphan boy who is lovingly called little tree by his grandparents. The story is very evocative and is full of life lessons. The novel has garnered much popularity by grabbing number one place on New York Times Bestseller's list and has remained a favorite of children and adults alike.

Q:Tell me about education of little tree themes?

A:Education of Little Tree is a novel that touches various themes in a very convincing manner. It focuses on nature, simple living, self discovery and other ambiguous themes. When reading it you uncover different philosophies of life. It also bring forth issues like prejudice and violence and all this is done while unfolding the story of an orphan boy who is called the "Little Tree".

Q:The Education of Little Tree read online is possible?

A:The Education of Little Tree is a novel that touches complex philosophies of life in a very simple and effective way. The story brings forth these concepts while narrating the story of an orphan boy. The online version is available. You can find the book in a PDF format and download it easily to enjoy the fascinating read.

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