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Do you marvel at the art and imagery present in movies like ‘Shrek’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Up’ and ‘Toy Story’? Did you watch ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ or ‘Bed knobs and Broomsticks’ and feel enchanted by the way cartoon animations were combined in the films?  Are you amazed at how real games like ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Dead Space’ feel?

If you are looking for a career in a cutting edge industry which is evolving constantly, then you may want to take animation classes. Animation is the process by which the quick succession of 2D and 3D images gives the illusion of movement. The animation industry covers a number of areas including films, video games, television and the web.

Animation Programs
A number of colleges and universities offer programs related to animation. Depending on your area of interest, you can find Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in digital video media, video game design, animation and simulation programming among others. Programs related to video game design and simulation programming prepares you to enter the gaming software industry. Such programs teach students video game designing methods, 2D and 3D graphic programming techniques and more.  Electronic arts and animation skills are taught in 3D animation programs. Students also learn how to use animation software.

Animation classes and programs teach students how to conceptualize and develop ideas for cartoons and characters using drawings and storyboards. Animation classes provide students with the knowledge of how to breathe life into characters and backgrounds using drawing and life rendering techniques. Students of animation programs learn how to create 2D and 3D characters for use in digital media, television, films and games. Giving characters life-like movement and learning how to combine audio and visual effects are also taught. Post-production methods are learned by animation students as well.

Careers in Animation
Taking animation classes and completing a degree in the subject will arm you with the level of expertise required to break into the animation industry. With the rapidly increasing popularity of animated films and games, the animation industry is growing quickly. Television studios, animation studios, computer animation companies, game design and development corporations are the biggest employers of those trained in animation. Post-production houses and special effects studios are other places where animators can be found. Website design companies and advertising agencies also have roles available for animation experts.

A wide variety of options can be found in terms of careers in the animation arena. A digital entertainment or game design company has many roles available to those with a degree in game design and simulation programming. Game designers, developers and testers are all options for animation experts. Game design degree holders can also find roles as creators of 2D and 3D scenes and backgrounds.

Jobs as 2D and 3D character animators and storyboard artists are also options open to animation experts. Modeling, lighting and texture mapping are other areas within the field of animation that employ animation graduates. With a degree in animation, you can focus on a career which most interests you in this exciting industry.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Where can I get Animation classes?

A:You can study Animation classes at any of the universities listed on our website. You can opt to take online or campus based classes through accredited colleges such as, Full Sail University, Academy of Art University and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division.

Q:What are the contents of the game design course in the animation classes online?

A:The Animation Classes online in the United States have a robust and comprehensive course on Foundations of Game Design. This course focuses primarily on the customer oriented game designing and the various patterns of game design solutions. It further gives the students an insight on how to understand the customers with more depth and knowledge as well as analyze the information of the customers that play these games, to come up with a more enhanced gaming experience.

Q:Are there any animation classes universities offering their courses online?

A:Yes. There are a number of online accredited institutes offering the Animation courses and hence the classes online. Theoretical concepts behind animation can easily be completed in the online class and visual aids can be used for the practical training part. Institutes offering the online animation classes include Bellevue University Capella University, Kaplan University Online, and Baker College Online.

Q:How does animation class online work?

A:There are a few ways through which online animation classes can be attended. One way is basically a virtual classroom where a number of students log on at the same time and a teacher gives a lecture through a live feed and live interaction is possible. Another, and more popular method is the method of listening to recorded lectures and then discussing it later using message boards.

Q:If I attend animation classes online, what will the coursework be like?

A:Online animation classes are covered through online lectures, videos, tutorials, and classroom conferencing sessions. You can study from any location at any time, depending upon your convenience and ease. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Online education is becoming the new trend in learning nowadays.

Q:What kinds of subjects will I cover in an animation class?

A:Animation classes will cover a broad range of subjects that will teach students about the various elements of this field. Most of these subjects fall in the category of fundamental subjects and advanced subjects. A few have been mentioned here: project planning, lighting techniques, 3D animation skills, texture creation skills, concept sketching, and practical systems knowledge.

Q:Will 2d animation lessons online be easy to cover?

A:How easy or difficult a course is to cover depends upon your dedication, hard work, and willingness to put in effort. If you opt for an online program in this field, you will study through online conferences, videos, multimedia presentation, and online notes. You can study at your own pace and from any location.

Q:How are animation classes conducted online?

A:If you have enrolled in animation classes online, you will be studying a variety of subjects that are theoretical in nature. Usually the coursework is completed through video tutorials, online lectures, presentations and multimedia slides, and classroom conferencing. Or the practical section of the course, you may be asked to take a few classes at the campus.

Q:Can I find advanced animation class online that can train me to be in the practical field?

A:Animation is an industry that is fast growing and therefore many on campus and online institutes offering animation courses have sprouted. You can find 2D and 3D animation classes, simulation programs, graphic designing classes. Online classes help you to learn animation skills and create artistic work with step by step guidance. It is easier to go for online classes as there are no geographical or time limitations to pursue them.

Q:Can you tell me what kind of animation subjects are taught in online animation classes?

A:Animation classes cover a wide range of subjects. Students acquire knowledge that is both practical and theoretical in nature. Some of the major components of an online animation program have been mentioned here: principles of computer animation, modeling and rigging, digital animation, drawing for digital animation, and animation industry facts.

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