How to Become A Furniture Designer

Furniture designers are professionals who design furniture keeping in view the latest trends. They keep both, functionality and fashion in view while creating a new design. These professionals are experts in creating outdoor and indoor furniture. Customer style preference, sustainability, practicality and ergonomics are some of the factors they keep in mind. There is tough competition between furniture designers when it comes to signing a contract and landing a deal.

Should I Become a Furniture Designer?

The following table provides all the details about the profession including their job growth, salary and key skills.

Education Required

Bachelor’s degree

Major Requirement

Interior design, furniture design, architectural technology, industrial design or any other related field


License is required in most states; voluntary certificates are also available


3-5 years of experience

Key Skills

Communication skills, Sketching ability, Familiarity with isometric drawings, Development of patterns, Use of 3-D design software, Solving design related problems

Annual Mean Salary (2019)

$60,990 (Interior Designer)

Job Outlook (2018-2028)

4% (Interior Designer)

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Outlook

Designing and all other related professions are expected to grow 5%.  As the world is progressing, the demands of the consumers are also changing. Designers are expected to meet the demands of their customers. Furniture designers are required to have a combination of technical and creative aptitude. They are expected to have design skills, eye for patterns and sketching ability. They should also understand space plans, layouts, plot drawings and 3-D design software. With these skills, an aspiring furniture designer will be able to build a successful career for himself. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean salary of an interior designer was $60,990 in 2019.

How to Become a Furniture Designer?

Step 1: Earn a Degree

Those who want to pursue their career as a furniture designer should get their bachelor’s degree in relevant fields like interior or industrial design. A degree in interior designing covers themes like computer-aided design, architectural drawing, lighting design, textile color theory and art philosophy. Some schools allow interior designing students to focus on furniture design particularly. Some aspiring designers choose an alternative path, which is certificate programs. Through these programs, these aspiring designers learn all the necessary skills and principles like furniture making techniques, design processes, furniture history, etc.

Step 2: Develop a Portfolio

A designer should put a lot of effort in creating his portfolio as employers look at it very closely. They should put some of their best ideas and works in it. Initially, the portfolio of all the candidates consists of designs they made during their bachelor’s program. However, it is recommended that they keep updating it as they evolve as furniture designers. 

 Step 3: Find a Job

After developing a portfolio, candidates can start looking for jobs. Most of them usually choose work in settings like furniture manufacturing and design firms. While others prefer to have a setup of their own and provide services on contract basis. Some aspiring furniture designers become a part of an industry organization which connects them to different opportunities. American Society of Furniture Designers is an industry organization which has a professional directory and provides networking opportunities to its members.

Step 4: Stay Current

Furniture designers should stay updated about the latest fashions in the industry. Being a part of an organization helps them in this regard. Other than the American Society of Furniture Design, the Furniture Society is another prominent industry organization.

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