Careers in Game Programming and Management

A degree in game programming and management prepares prospective students for a highly challenging and rewarding career in the global game development industry. Game developers and managers are the ones behind all the popular computer and console games on platforms such as Xbox, Play station, Nintendo and others. Computer and console gaming experts employed by hundreds of game development firms around the world are the lifeline of the multi-billion dollar global gaming industry.

Scope of Game Programming and Management     

In the last two decades, with the rise in popularity of computer and console gaming products among children and adults of all ages, an ever-increasing demand for highly skilled and knowledgeable gaming experts has emerged in the market. As a result of this, a large number of prospective university students from around the world are wishing to enter this rapidly growing field.

Game programming is widely considered to be an integral part of the computer and console game production process. Some of the brightest and highly trained individuals work on this aspect of the game development process. Game programming and management experts are expected to come up with unique algorithms with the help of advanced software programming and development techniques. These gaming experts sometimes work under direct supervision of lead designers or production heads, to help deliver a high quality and unique gaming product with the aim to capture the attention of their target market.

Career Opportunities and Average Expected Salaries

Individuals graduating with degrees in game programming or one of its related fields from accredited online distance-learning educational institutions in the U.S. are expected to enjoy outstanding job opportunities right after their graduation. However, due to rapid growth in the global gaming industry, it has become increasingly difficult for new comers to set foot into this highly competitive and demanding industry. Nevertheless, individuals having passion along with impressive educational qualification and prior experience in the field are expected to serve in senior level positions within this flourishing industry.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s statistics, individuals graduating with certified degree qualification in game programming and management from an accredited online or on-campus educational institutions are expected to earn on average between seventy and eighty thousand dollars on an annual basis. However, individuals with advanced-level qualifications and several years of experience in the field can earn in excess of $100,000 dollars per annum. Most of these high paying jobs exist in private game development companies such as EA Sports, Sony Corporation, and others.

Specializations Offered

Almost all of the game programming and management courses offered by accredited online institutions in the U.S. provide students with a chance to choose their preferred area of specialization while staying within the limits of their subject. Some of the most commonly taught specialization streams in game programming and management include training in areas such as graphics, testing, programming, design, prototyping, production, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What careers are there in game development?

A:There is a whole range of jobs within the videogame industry- the days of a sole programmer sitting in his bedroom designing a game are long gone. Today there are designers, programmers, artists and then those who test the game. Within these areas, there are further requirements, usually for graphic designers, sound engineers, network programmers, animation artists to name but a few.

Q:While looking at careers with video games I came across video game designer. What is this job about?

A:A video game designer, as the name suggests is responsible for coming up with an idea that will eventually develop into a video game. Video game designers work with other members of the development team that consists of programmers, audio engineers and artists. Generally video game design jobs are not entry level positions.

Q:Is a game programming career interesting?

A:The career of a game programmer is certainly varied. There are a number of roles in the development of a video game. These range from graphic designers, sound engineers to program writers. In the industry infancy, often one or two people would undertake every role. These days, many programmers work in teams. The job can involve travel and interaction with customers directly.

Q:What kind of courses do game programming programs offer?

A:There are a lot of courses available, making it easier to pick the right game programming course that best suits your aptitude. The wide varieties of programs offer specializations in casual or mobile games, and courses offering technical training, programming language courses and essential programming skills. Mostly the technical courses include computer science topics, data structures and training regarding different software's used for gaming programming.

Q:Can you give me a brief job description of video game programming jobs?

A:A video game programmer is a software programmer that designs video games and creates required coding. It is the job of the programmer to develop codes for games such as PC games, PlayStation, Xbox, and Gameboy. These professionals have a complete understanding of all the computing and programming mechanisms involved in the creation of video games.

Q:What are the benefits of careers in game programming and management?

A:Game developers, programmers and managers are responsible for developing, creating and modifying computer games and applications. This profession has an annual median pay of $93,350 in 2012 and the expected job growth from 2012 to 2022 is 22% which is must faster than average. This is an important benefit of the career because this means that there will be a large number of jobs available over the next eight years.

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